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I like the closeness of people due to the small town. I wish the school focused less on sports and more on academics, as well as paid more attention to students' well being socially and mentally.
I would like to see more community activities to help students succeed. Also I would like to see better teachers for the students because I feel like I'm not learning anything that is towards my career.
Lamar county is a great school. Teachers are awesome and administration is helpful. We are going to be getting a new school next year and I know it will be great for the students.
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Lamar County School systems, aren't the best, but at the same time they aren't the worst. The teachers here actually care about students grades and are willing to help out. The sports here aren't that good, but some sports excel ever season. If I had to rate the school on a scale 1 to 10, I would rate it a 7.
Lamar county Schools have their ups and downs. The High School is really old and is in desperate need of remodel, however the classes below mine are said to get a new school in the near future. I love all the teachers but, there is very little academic opportunity (AP classes) which is why much of the senior class is dual enrolled at a local college. It is diverse and filled with great students, and vary rarely do I see fights or any signs of bullying. There are also many clubs or sports to join, however the clubs don't actively do much of anything but one community service event if that. I love being at this school, but they would benefit from a new school and really concentrating on providing as many worth while opportunities as possible.
They spend WAYY to much on football and building fancy new buildings and no money on education. Kids be coming out unable to read and write well enough to do well in college. Its a real shame.
I enjoyed my years of going through the Lamar County school system. The academics were always put first and teachers were always there no matter what to help you even if it was not related to the class. Sports were also very big and everyone was involved and supported throughout the county and even surrounding counties. I love the school system I grew up in and could not imagine going anywhere else.
I like how all of the teachers are supportive to help you graduate and help you pass your classes. They will help you with your assignements if you need any help on it. I think it is a greasy school system and I extremely recommend going there.
Some of the curriculum is challenging but most of it is fairly simple and sometimes does not help prepare you for college because it makes you complacent with having easy aassignments.
It's a good school to go finish your education.
Good education and good teachers that everybody like to go the Lamar county high school
We have experience Lamar county primary school, elementary school, and middle school. Our experiences in all of the schools have been wonderful! Both of our kids have been involved and are thriving academically. I love the feeling they provide in a small town, where the teachers and administrators know who my kids are by name and not just another student. Their lesson plans have been a line with or ahead of the surrounding counties. Both of my children have exceeded state wide expectations on testing, and I attribute that to having wonderful teachers and parental involvement.
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