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Ive been in the Sumrall school since kindergarten. I like the fact the school is smaller and the teachers and principals know me. I have had a lot of my friends in my classes all the way through my 13 years now. I recommend this school district to anyone. I have received a great education.
Lamar County School District is a school district like no other. Albeit small, LCSD has more than meets the eye. As a student, I have seen and appreciated this school’s heart, their support and understanding of, and their compassion for the success of each and every student that passes through their front doors.
I go to Oak Grove High School, and we are in Lamar County School District. I absolutely love being in this county. Mostly everyone gets along, and it is an overall wonderful place. One day, I would love to start a family here and raise my children here. I was born and raised here, and I have been nothing but satisfied with my time here. I do not ever want to move from here. If I could see one change, it would be to have more family oriented facilities. I would like to see more families spending time together, and growing closer.
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I love LCSD! The teachers are frat and the administrators have the students best interest in mind. If there was anything hey could do better, it would be hire more teacher so that the student to teacher ratio could be smaller!
I love Oak Grove High School. Even though we are required to wear uniforms, I wouldn't want to be at any other high school.
I've been attending school at Lamar county schools since I was in kindergarten. I have nothing but good memories and happiness when I look back on my years attending Oak Grove. Lamar county school district is a very encouraging, optimistic, and welcoming school district. The district focuses on the students and their educations, not their reputation. They want the absolute best education possibly to be provided and will not stop until they've achieved this. If I could do it all again, I would still choose this school district.
Attending school in the Lamar County School District has been an overall enjoyable experience for me. The staff is extremely supportive and encouraging. I feel prepared for continuing my education. The school environment is very conducive to learning, providing the students with ample technology, counseling services, and general sources of information to be able to complete classes with passing grades. The only thing I can really say negative is that my particular school was inconsistent with some of the rules. Examples of inconsistencies are dress code, cell phone usage, and expectation levels between classes (ie. two English Composition classes or two Algebra II classes with different teachers).
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