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Lamar Consolidated Independent School District Reviews

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i can only vouch for BF Terry HS. i would like to see more parent involvement as well as better lunch food. the lack of parent involvement make Terry a poorer and less ranked school in the district.9
Fulshear is a really great school for the most part. There could be some minor improvements to make this school more fun but learning wise it is a great school.
I liked Lamar cisd because they provided me with many opportunities to excel and gain the education and knowledge i have today.
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I like that George Ranch has diverse clubs and organizations. I also like that our district provides a free SAT with essay for all Juniors alongside a college prep class as a day-course.
It gives students a wide span of opportunities to explore whatever career they would want to look into.
The teachers and staff have done a lot to help me with my autism and ADHD over the years. I wouldn't change anything.
What I like about Lamar Consolidated School District is how diverse the student and administrator atmosphere is and how teachers and staff always find a way to make the school year exciting by implementing engaging activities as well as opportunities to meet new people and get to know your fellow classmates. Although, I do hope that the student body can learn to be more spirited and positive in a way that would make anyone in our school district feel welcomed and cared for.
Churchill Fulshear High School is safe, well-staffed, and friendly welcoming all persons regardless of race, gender, religion, or political beliefs. The school's students are heavily involved in the community and volunteer work. The staff are well educated and look to positively impact and motivate their students.
There is nothing I would change about Lamar Consolidated Independent School District. The superintendent is so awesome and progressive. The schools are neat and clean. The principals are knowledgeable and open. The teachers are supportive and fun!
It's good so far. The staff are nice and they make sure students are okay and all set with the classes they need to have. Sports are very good because they entertain new people that wants to join the team
The Lamar independent school district is a great school district because all of my teachers were helpful and patient. The school work is challenging but if you study and stay focused you will achieve good grades! LCISD helps me get on the right career path for college. The security of the school is great especially at school events after hours. There are many different types of classes offered in the school district which is great for kids to decide what field they want to go towards in the future. The clubs and activities are run very well in the district as well as sports.
Great teachers, faculty, and environment to learn and grow. Wouldn't have attended anywhere else given to choice.
LCISD is a great school system to raise your children in. The quality of academic and athletic programs is superb. The schools provide a quality education to become the leaders of the future.
The thing that I enjoined about LCISD is that there are many activities to help students including tutorials, sports, etc. I would like to see a change in the amount of students participating. Maybe more advertising and posters for them to see would help.
lamar used to be the bad school but now is seen as a place to grow and finish your high school education.
I have been in the district all my schooling life. I enjoyed the clubs I was in and the teachers and advisors I had. It's an overall friendly place where many of the students have known each other for years. I would recoomend this district to any parent. They have even changed safety regulations to ensure your child is safe throughout the school year
The staff is great and always willing to help. In this district everyone does their best to try and help students. The only issue I honestly wish was fixed was the budget placement. I watched 2 new sets of calculators get purchased, yet no one knew how to use them. On the other hand, I have had to take classes with the textbook to student ratio being 1/2 to 1. And in others there weren't even the right textbooks. Great district when it comes to staff, but like everything could improve in some areas.
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The school district is constantly expanding their educational means for students, along with using contemporary teaching methods and technology.
All in all, the school itself is fine- the walls are up and the building is running.However, the discrimination against people of color and especially towards the girls is very evident at Foster and I hope and pray that the students continue fighting this fight.
I feel as the student body is not involved in activities as much as they could be. For a school to truly be a school it needs to have a culture. The students need to be interconnected so they can truly thrive with each other.
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