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Lakota Local School District (Risingsun) Reviews

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I enjoy many things about Lakota high school. It gives you that hometown feeling without actually being in town. The facilities are top of the line along with the teachers and staff. It gives you a warm home and family feeling
The teachers are always willing to help you and assist you after school. All of the students are friendly the minute you walk in the door you will like you have twenty friends. Everyone in the school will try and make you feel involved in everything in everyday they can. The entire community wants the best for all of the students and they are always finding ways to better the school.
I love the small class sizes. The teachers are all amazing and my class feels more like a family. The building is only a few years old, so the classrooms and labs are all state of the art. The community support of the school, students and staff is amazing!
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I've been at lakota my whole life and I have to say I loved it I was always involved in team sports like football, basketball, and track. And as a minority I was never singled out and picked on. Also the academics are very good I feel I am prepared for college now that I attended lakota.
I have attended Lakota since sixth grade to my senior year and have found my overall experience to be very good. Something that stands out to me are the great teachers. The teachers are approachable and care about the students grades and success. The food is very good and the other students are friendly and kind. With the new building made in 2012 the facility is top notch and the best in its area.
I like fact that for a small school we have a great support system, but I wish the culture would change. We have a lot of immaturity and unnecessary rules/regulations.
I like the school building itself. It's big enough for all grades to fit into one building. We have enough gyms for multiply practices to go on at once. I don't like that half of the teachers aren't exactly student friendly but that ones that are, I did like. The students there aren't very nice and tend to ruin my day and experience.
What I like about Lakota Local Schools is that I love how we are as a community. We are really good with having a good community and keeping it. I love the teachers here. I have gone to Lakota my whole life and all of the teachers are fantastic. Our sports programs are decent and I love playing sports at Lakota. Overall, Lakota is a great school and I would not have wanted to go to any other school.
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