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Lakota Local School District (Liberty Township) Reviews

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My experience at Lakota Local School District has been a very positive and rewarding during my education over the past 12 years.
I went to Lakota all the way through my educational journey, and overall I was pleased with my experience. I’ve had a few bad experiences in the district, but that happens in any district.
Our principles are a great example of how determined and family-oriented the environment is in the lakota high schools, lakota is competitive but encourage supporting each other as well as uplifting each other. Each graduating class has different adjusting issues, be it difficulties with essays because of the texting trends, or learning a new language because of a influx on transfer students from other countries, they fix the year to best equip their students while showing how it applies to everyday life so the students will be more eager to learn and keep the information given.
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Lakota is the best. The district is very tight knit and big on community. Fund raising battles take place between the high schools. Both high schools are cookie cutter with each other, offering the same look, style, sports, and class offerings. There is a healthy rival between East and West. Students also have school of choice between the schools, which makes it convenient to attend the school you want in the district. There are four junior schools and several elementary as well as pre-K schools.
I liked how the teachers cared so much about their students, but I felt that more training could have been used in certain situations. I.E handling learning disabilities, mental illnesses, and such.
This school prepared me extensively for college. The teachers are very kind and really care about how you do and who you are as a person. It is not all that diverse, but they work on appreciating other cultures.
Lakota has great facilities including top notch resources and technology. The only thing I'd like to see changed is diversity among the administration, faculty and staff.
Lakota Local Schools are ranked among some of the top school districts in Ohio and for good reason. Since enrollment in 2005, I have endured nothing but positive experiences at each of the schools I have attended.
The staff of Lakota schools are very open and down to earth professionals. They make their teaching very clear and easy to follow. There are very few instances of me struggling academically, but of the few times that I have, I will say, the teachers have been very good at working with me to ensure that I fix my troubles. The schools are spread throughout the municipality in a way that promotes its noticeable diversity. Finally, the high schools do a great job at promoting their clubs and extracurricular activities, evident by the high student turnout. Ultimately, you don't have to look far to understand why Niche ranks Lakota Local Schools among Ohio's top fifty school districts.
I loved Lakota. I go to Lakota West High School and I have had a great experience. The main reason I love Lakota is the family atmosphere we have created at West. I haven't experienced much bullying or anything along those lines and for that I have to thank our amazing faculty. If I could change one thing, it would be for the school to help fund the arts more. We have an amazing theatre department at West and I cant imagine how much better it would be if we had more money to put into the department.
Overall, I love my school. I have a lot of good friends at my school and the teachers are incredible, they really care about their students and want to see them succeed. The counselors are also amazing, they really make an effort to pursue each of their students and get to know them and help them. I've always felt safe at my school, we have resource officers on hand at all times and most of the kids are very well behaved anyway. If I could change one thing about my school it would probably be the flexibility for activities outside of school. We are rarely allowed to go on field trips or reach out to schools within our district who have younger kids. I would like to see more effort to allow us outside experiences like field trips or getting in touch with younger kids. I will say though that in the past year a couple things have changed to make that more of a reality, I want it to be more accessible though.
This school district provided a level of education and growth far beyond what I was receiving at a previous school district, Cincinnati Public School District. Here I learned proper social skills, leadership skills, and a motivation to succeed. Due to the area of the district it was perceived that everyone lived to the financial upbringing however with my family it was not the case. They did help in some ways such as free lunch
and waived school fees, but when it came to the extra curricular, no financial
help was offered. To play a sport or join a team was a minimum fee of $400 and to join most school clubs students had to purchase a club card of $50. Great school district but the children without the proper funds to do all the things their peers were doing were kind of left out.
Honestly I love Lakota Local District due to the fact of safety. With all the news around the world about school shootings, I still feel safe at school. Happy that our administration and principal allowed us to participate in National Walkout Day. Before settling in to this district I was moved from school to school. I went to freedom, endeavor, and VanGordon elementary schools before finally staying at Heritage elementary. This disrict has allowed me to achieve learning in a safe enviroment.
It's a typical, enjoyable high school experience. The education is above average for public school, and students do have access to many resources to help them excel. The schools are in good shape, despite financial cuts and I would recommend Lakota Schools over other local schools.
I went to Lakota until middle school and for high school chose somewhere else. Class sizes are very big, which can make it hard for students to focus. As far as college readiness, I would like to see a huge improvement in this area particularly. There academics, as well as most public schools, do not compare with that of a private school or some school where students are more individually selected.
This school district is very tax-averse, after having explosive growth in the 1990s. They resorted to high fees for extracurricular activities, and lots of that kind of news drip. The area has lots of jobs conveniently located for moms going back to work. We have lived in Forest Hills for 30 years, during which time there has been only one school levy defeated, and we've been attracted to the idea of going out there from time to time. If you're looking for a house upwards of 350K, the tax difference will outweigh additional fees, now and in the future. If you're looking for a 200k house, remember, low taxes aren't always what they're cracked up to be.
As a student I love the courses they offer because they have so much too choose from and everyone can find somewhere to fit in. They help you feel very prepared for the next level wether college or next grade level by pushing you in the classroom. The classes they offer you can not find at other schools and these classes can really benefit you because you will be way ahead in college with you knowledge( I have heard from upperclassmen and their siblings). They offer a wide variety of sports and teams tend to be very competitive. We have a ton of room for sports in our upper gym, lower court, and aux gym, which makes it easier for all the athletes and their teams to get practice in.

However with Lakota being such a large school it is hard to feel close to your teachers , friends , or other staff members. For academics and sports, it is so competitive which is nice because you know you have high standards but it is hard to feel like you can stand out.
Experience is what you make of it, and what you bring to the table in terms of motivation, familial knowledge and resources, and desire to expand horizons.
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We have one of the best schools in the country, with a variety of courses and wonderful teachers. The school is fairly new and has wonderful facilities.
I love the pride the students have. Even if we lose, we always have the best school spirit. Also, a lot of my peers dress up and participate in our spirit weeks and I feel that it brings a lot of us together.
I believed I had a great experience at Lakota east. The teachers and coaches were great and very helpful. Even the school counselor was extremely useful and helpful.
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