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What I like about the Lakewood community is that we are small enough to feel like family. Everyone knows each other and we all care about one another. At Lakewood, we are our own little community. We do things together and we help each other along the way. When people graduate from Lakewood, they always find themselves coming back because Lakewood was their second family.
I like how Lakewood is a small community and you get to experience almost all of the teachers way of teaching throughout all four years of high school.
I have attended Lakewood my whole life and I think the quality of teaching staff is amazing. Each grade had a teacher I connected with and was able to learn way beyond the required amount.
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Lakewood is what you make of it, I had a great experience thanks to my involvement with athletics and leadership. But, the more I did, the more aware I became of the incompetence and negative aspects of many programs at Lakewood. Dealing with administration through ASB was an absolute mess, we would get permission and spend weeks planning an event only for them to cancel it the day of with little explanation. I feel like the combination of bad administrators and their attitudes about the new school really took a hit to the school spirit and pride at Lakewood and it was very sad to see. Overall, I'd say my experience was positive because of the other students in my class and our attitudes. There are definitely some faults in certain staff members, sports programs, and culture that I was not very aware of until I was pretty involved.
I love Lakewood because it is a smaller school and I've grown up with most of the students there since kindergarten. They have great staff and teachers that are always willing to help when needed. The teachers take time to know you personally and what you need to be successful. The activities and dances are always fun and enjoyable, and bring all the students together. We also have participated in school wide charity events like santas helpers and its inspiring to see the school come together to help families in out community.
I have attended Lakewood my entire life, and I have loved being able to grow up with my class mates. Lakewood is a smaller school so everyone knows each other and feels welcome. I am greatful to have went to Lakewood
My high school experience has been overall enjoyable. I really enjoy helping others in our community and being very involved in my high school. I love being involved in sports and having school spirit as well. Sports have helped me stay active in high school activities and take on leadership roles. I am very fortunate that I got to go to a school where I could get to know the majority of the students at Lakewood High School. I am very grateful that I was in leadership classes and that I got go to many leadership conferences and get to know other student leaders at different schools. I would love to continue being involved at the school I choose. Thank you for reading this, Emily Senyitko.
My experience has been pretty good. There have been a couple rough spots with conservative teachers, or students who just don't know when to mind their own business, but I've had some of the best times of my life so far here. I'm definitely not at all worried about the district quality at the moment. The food could stand to be improved.
I enjoyed my years at lakes. I attended 1996 thru 1999. I met a great deal of interesting people and had several great teachers.
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