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Lakewood was a great district. I went there from 6th grade and up. They have great sports and academics. However, I do wish they focused a bit more and upgraded more on CORE classes and college readiness and less on extracurriculars.
Lakewood Public Schools provided a close-knit, family type atmosphere and had wonderful teachers that cared for their students. Their sports programs were average though they are definitely improving over time. There could be some improvement in the higher-up staff, those who run the schools and district as a whole could have been more caring towards their students instead of worrying about their reputation. Overall, I had a decent experience but would not send my future children there unless there was a lot of improvement.
Lakewood is a very good community to grow up in and the intimate relationships formed throughout the school with everyone attending and the faculty is one of the reasons for my success in high school.
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The teachers at Lakewood are amazing! There were so caring, inspiring, and gave the best education I could have hoped for. I would like to see more appreciation for the teachers from the schools administration and more accountability taken by the higher administration at Lakewood. All in all, I loved my time at Lakewood.
Lakewood public schools district has amazing teachers and staff employed. They want you to succeed and do your very best. Same with the coaches they will put in so much time. The things I would to see change are the academics and college readiness. Our school lacks in these departments. Classes that they offer we cannot have because a certain amount of students did not sign up. Also there are a lack of advance placement classes. This is what I would change.
Great school, never really see bullying, wonderful teachers, Standardized test scores above national, state, and regional averages despite low funding, however, administration has dropped the ball numerous times in certain areas.
Overall, my experience here at Lakewood High School has been a good one. I have made many friends and kept the ones that are close to me, but making new friends and getting people to branch out and be different is hard here at Lakewood since everything seems to be centered around the sports programs. My friend and i have recently applied to start the first Lakewood Art Club which we are creating to strengthen and promote the lacking and almost non existent art scene. I wish to make this school more inclusive and positive. Something i would like to see change would be inclusivity of the school. I want more kids to audition for the musicals. I want more kids to try out for sports teams. I want more kids to feel accepted. At our school the kids may pretend to accept their fellow students for who they are, but those students rarely actually feel genuine acceptance. That is something i would like to see change.
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