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My experience was great with the friendships and the activities I've been able to do. The college readiness that our school has is great. They work extremely hard to get us the resources we need to get into college and plans for us to get there. The thing they thing they need to work on is money use. All of our text books are out dated and they try to update other things that don't really need to be.
Lakewood isn't like most schools. The teachers aren't just people that teach you academics, they go out of there way for you and become family. Teachers come to sports games or try to talk to you if you are having a rough day. The education is great also but having people in the school that aren't just your peers or teachers, they become your family and are always there for you.
Overall pretty decent, a few problems here and there but that's to be expected from any school. They had guidance for graduation and scholarships.
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At Lakewood, most of the teachers are nice and understanding, but some of them are the complete opposite. Lakewood schools are poorly built, being built in 2 months, so there's no insulation. You can hear other classrooms watching movies are teaching. Our elementary school is falling apart, but they decide to make a 3 million dollar football field instead. After our Vice Principal didn't get principal ALL of our tachers took a 'sick' day, but really they were just being children. No one got taught for 8 hours. I understand to fight for what you believe in, but that was ridiculous. All in all, I don't recommend Lakewood at all.
My daughter loves her school and the teachers are top notch! The teachers at the elementary school go to a lot of trouble to make the school fun and exciting!
I think that Lakewood is a great place to receive an education. If there is a student that takes pride in their education, the staff at Lakewood will do their best to provide you the education that would satisfy the student. We have CCP classes and AP classes along with plenty of art education courses. Lakewood has a fun atmosphere and provides students with positive learning.
Faculty at Lakewood is always willing to help students on their path to college. many programs are offered to prepare students for their future, whether it be pursuing a degree, joining the workforce, or joining the military. All of the counselors are more than willing to help students achieve their dreams, despite financial or personal struggles.
I have enjoyed my school district from k-12 grade. I have been given opportunities to grow and develop. We have a variety of sports and education opportunities. I feel safe at my school and I have been involved in supporting it.
I really loved my teachers growing up, but high school was brutal. I wish I could have spent more time learning things I would actually be needing for my adult life.
As a recent alum of Lakewood High School I had a fantastic experience attending this school. The Marching Band brings a bunch of attention to the school and they were a huge part of my experience attending the school. The band staff also were very encouraging and set me off on my way to practicing hard enough to do whatever I set out to do. The staff was very helpful with any issue you could possibly come up with, if they couldnt solve it they would bring you to someone that could whether it be changing class schedules, discussing early graduation, struggling with schoolwork, or even personal and emotional issues. One thing that could be fixed is the quality of the elementary school buildings however as they are in very poor condition and is unfair to the children attending that school.
It's not a place if you want decent school lunches or diversity, as well as a safe place for LGBT students. As a gay student myself, I've experienced endless hateful comments and it sucks. More particularly on the middle school level does it suck. Sexual education is trying to scare kids FROM having intercourse ever and it's mainly what will lead to issues later on in their lives. The elementary school is falling apart as it's over 100 years old without air conditioning or heating. Children are suffering in the summer and winter because our district would rather fork money over for a new football field rather than a newer and safer building for the students, that preferably does not have mold growing in it. Special needs kids need more help, as it isn't the people running it rather it's the lack of staff and technology to help the kids learn and succeed.
Lakewood high is is better than the other schools i have been to. Lakewood has the best teachers in there and they are always willing to help you through every work you don't understand and they also give you their undivided attention.
Lakewood students would benefit from a wider selection of classes. Maybe less focus on athletics and more on academics.
Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Lakewood. It is a very well-rounded and well taken care of school. I do wish to see more of the students come together as a group and enjoy activities together, rather than be divided by cliches, but there is no bullying or discrimination.
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