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Lakewood City School District Reviews

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Lakewood is very unique environment. It has a diverse student body. They offer all types of classes, including AP and CCP. The school is completely brand new within the past 10 years.
Lakewood Schools are all brand new state of the art facilities. Lakewood also has an amazing Public Library, best I seen so far. Lakewood is a diverse community. Great community to raise a family!
The Lakewood City School District was overall a very good environment for me to get my education. Even in elementary school, I had very supportive teachers who worked with their students to ensure we were doing well, and in middle school I had much the same. In high school I was able to take many challenging courses with teachers who really worked to make sure students didn't get lost in the material, and helped keep us on track.
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Everyone from the staff to the students were open-minded and accepting. I felt like I belonged at Lakewood High School. I feel like I was more prepared for the "real world" then some students from other school districts.
Overall, very accepting and understanding community of teachers and peers. Outstanding arts programs.
I think that Lakewood High School is equipped with excellent staff, students, and learning materials. There are so many options for classes to choose during scheduling season, it can be overwhelming. I decided on a nursing career based off of the amazing Anatomy and Physiology class, which can be taken for college credit, and my time at Lakewood High has prepared me for one of the best nursing schools in the country.
Overall, the Lakewood city schools work very hard to ensure that students are learning skills that will aid them both inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers are very hands on and always willing to provide the necessary extra help to struggling students. I personally have never had a negative experience with a teacher or administrator in my school district.
Very good minus the fact that some teachers are very archaic and seem to not even want their job. The librarians of the school also are not welcoming and the layout was not good.
I love going to school every day. The teachers are friendly and willing to help if you ask. I have met lots of friends that will last a lifetime. I wouldn't want to go to any other high school or school district in general. Our classes are on average 24 students with a range of ethnic backgrounds, born here, moved here, immigrated here, everyone very eager to learn and make friends.
I love most of the teachers there, they are amazing friends and mentors, but there are some problems in the music department and a lot of bad scheduling that gets done.
The construction was a major distraction for the last 4 years. I do not believe that the teachers are supportive and prepare the students for college. The high school does not currently have a gym.
The teachers and staff are extremely helpful, though there does tend to be a lot of construction around the high school.
The teachers are excellent! They are really caring. They have been terrific with my son. He has learning differences and they have helped to improve his skills. He really enjoys school. He is in elementary school. His school has 5 stars, which is the highest rating it can get with the state.
Lakewood High School has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. The Students and Staff at Lakewood High are very diverse and being apart of such a diverse school has made a great impact on my life. I have learned throughout the past 4 years of high school how to communicate with a wide verity of people. The staff and Lakewood High are very helpful,respectful,and make our learning as seniors and our future life a priority inside the classroom and outside. The extra curricular activities that this school provides is great because they offer a wide range of extra curricular student activities. I have been apart of the marching band my entire high school career and it has been amazing and I wouldn't trade this experience. The culture of this school is very positive, supportive.
I've been attending Lakewood City Schools since the 2nd Grade. I have always loved the diversity that Lakewood City Schools has to offer. There has been times throughout my high experience where I've felt discouraged, but I always knew i had a teacher to go to. I never felt like anyone doubted my potential, there was always someone who believed in you, even when you didn't believe in yourself.
The opportunity Lakewood offers is remarkable. Being in a 5 mile radius of 4 private schools, Lakewood is often ridiculed or looked down upon but I believe it is unwarranted. The numerous AP classes they offer, the impressive teachers they possess and the bully-free, diverse atmosphere it has created puts Lakewood a notch above the rest. I have already earned enough AP and college credit plus credit to fill an entire first semester going into my first year of college. But Lakewood has given me more than college credit, it has given me an understanding of what it means to be kind and welcoming to everyone I meet.
Lakewood city schools are pretty well kept though at times strict and unfair. Recently they've greatly upgraded the high school building though one of the new wings in the back was rushed and it shows. Besides that, the teachers are incredible and the community is great. Would absolutely send my kids here with no regrets. All in all a pretty good district with room for improvement.
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The high schools are probably the best of the district; most of the teachers are great at what they do, the counselors are competent and helpful, and it's a pretty safe environment. The middle schools are riddled with fights and bullying, but that's also middle school. The schools generally provide good opportunities, but they don't do a good job of bridging the gap between the less-advantaged students and the more affluent ones, particularly with students from low-income households or foreign countries. Overall, it's a good district but it could use improvement.
We love Lakewood schools. There are so many opportunities, the students are welcoming, expectations are high, and the community supports the school.
Lakewood City Schools has a great group of teachers who care for their students academic success and well-being. The music program is stellar and the auditorium allows for a large range of opportunities and experiences.
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