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Lakeville Public School District Reviews

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I enjoyed Lakeville School District growing up as a child, and still to this day as a senior in high school. As a student, I feel safe at school and feel that the staff and administration keeps us protected. I feel I am prepared for college this fall after many years in this school district. With the sports and academics our district has, I am proud and glad to say I was a part of it. I hope that my future kids can one day become a part of a Lakeville legacy, or at least experience a district as great as ours.
Lakeville public school district is very bland as far as diversity goes. The majority of the students are white and upper class Americans. The district does feel like a safe environment where people are mostly friendly, however the extreme amount of cliques makes it hard for new or shy people to fit in. The district offers a wide variety of classes for students to succeed at higher levels, including advanced placement in 9th grade which is a great advantage for college readiness. Overall I enjoy the district.
I loved going to south. There are so many different clubs or activities to join for all different people.
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Lakeville has kind, bright students and prepares them for the future very well. The school system is effective and the education offered is good for their students.
I definitely don't have anything bad to say about the Lakeville Public School district. I came here in the 8th grade, I am a senior now. Although there has been a few incidents as a minority I have felt very welcome and little to no discrimination. The curriculum is also great !
The school district has challenging classes, a variety of extra curricular activities, and a competent staff
I got along with all my peers in my 4 years of high school at Lakeville South and made life long friends. The teachers and staff were amazing and I felt safe going to school every single day.
Teachers were very nice. Kids were very polite. Overall a great experience. Pluse they have great extra curricular activities.
We have had positive teachers every year that encourage but challenge each child positively. My kids like everything about school and rarely have anything bad to say about their day. They even like Math class! The district does a nice job of offering classes in Math and Reading at the elementary level that are at their ability level without the students having knowledge of whom is at a higher level and whom is at a lower level. JFK elementary has kind staff everywhere in the school and they work hard at making school a good experience for everyone. Anti-bullying discussions occur regularly and are taken seriously by the students.
I had the best teachers at Lakeville North High School. They were caring and dedicated, and I owe my academic success in large part to them. The student body is a great group of kids who treat each other with compassion and respect, whether you're into sports, academics, music, or art. It's a big school relatively speaking, but friendly and welcoming and easy to find your niche. I'm very glad I went to Lakeville schools.
Some of the students are disrespectful to teachers and peers, but the teachers do a good job of correcting them.
I liked that Lakeville School Districts have really good academic programs and that they offer you advanced courses to prepare you for college. The majority of the teachers are nice except for a handful. I would like to see the school lunches improve. They serve us breaded chicken at least three times a week and the fresh fruits and vegetables aren't too great of quality.
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