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Lakeville Community School District Reviews

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LakeVille has taught me the most important morals i could not have never learned anywhere else, they stress to treat others respectfully and to obtain the best person you could ever be everyday. I have went to LakeVille Pre-K-senior year and i am proud of my hometowns little school.
Lakeville needs better teachers overall. The learning environment is very lenient and not as focused.
My sons name is Donnie Mckay i believe his experience has been overall pretty good at Lakeville community schools. He has enjoyed his time in sports, music,after school clubs and academics. He has bonded with quit a few of the staff members and teachers while attending Lakeville. Donnie has also spent alot of time doing after school activities and being a part of what ever he could to get the full experience. Lakeville is a very small community without alot of resources so it was nice to see when my son wanted to go above and beyond there where teachers that really supported him thru those things.
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I grew up going to Lakeville and just like any other schools it has its ups and downs. One thing I love about Lakeville is that everyone is like family and everyone knows everyone, we may not always get along but we always back each other up when it's needed. One thing that makes Lakeville a hard school to go to is the amount of teachers that come and leave, recently Lakeville has hard a hard time keeping and getting teachers which makes it hard for students when their teachers are constantly changing.
During my time at LakeVille Community Schools I have noticed that they seem to disown certain sport teams while others are much more funded and looked at to be better than the others. More students need to be informed about others sports that are being successful and are changing the lives of students little by little making them feel like part of something. I want kids to feel like they have something to look forward to doing after school and a reason for them to strive to do better in class and receive good grades.
I liked many of the teachers her, but the diversity her was very small, as well as very low funding.
I have attended this school district for my whole live and have enjoyed the community feel and the many benefits of a small town education. I would like to see higher value put on our facility members, more funding, and better distribution of funds.
The teachers at LakeVille were either amazing or dreadful, although, the majority were amazing. Everyone knows everyone which is a blessing and a curse. Teachers took the time to know students and what they needed to succeed and were willing to work with us.
I have been involved in the LakeVille school district since my sophomore year of high school. Previously, I had went to school in North Carolina. My experience at LakeVille has been average. It has been average due to the lack of advanced placement and honors classes that are offered here. Although, the classes offered are great. The teachers go above and beyond to help the students learn the material, as well as to retain it and to pass exceptionally high. Overall, LakeVille has a great atmosphere to help shape the young minds of tomorrow.
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