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Administration and school board decided against the wishes of the majority of community to make a district wide wide policy to make all bathrooms transgender neutral. Best thing going for the school is the teachers.
Teachers are good. Administration is lacking. School board needs replaced. Teachers are hindered by the administration.
Lakeview is a school district that truly does care about its students but never has their priorities straight. Also they do not offer many college in high school oppurtunities and don't offer a broad enough range of classes.
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Id like to change the way they handle things. They seem to handle things immaturely sometimes. I like the students and teachers.
The teachers here are very kind. I feel that I am well-prepared for college in certain areas, but some have room for improvement. There are plenty of AP/Honors classes available, along with a good selection of electives. The food isn't all that great, but it can be alright.
During my four years of high school I really enjoyed myself. The atmosphere of the building was perfect for learning and the teachers were all very helpful and instructive.
I enjoy it at Lakeview most of the time. Getting to see my friends and do the sports I love have made it enjoyable. However it can sometimes be a miserable place. I have to tried to make the best of things here and have fun but sometimes that is looked badly upon. This has caused me to get into trouble on multiple occasions for just being a kid and having harmless fun. This however is my only complaint. For Lakeview being a relativity small school it has done pretty well. The facilities are decent and the staff overall is nice and productive. Everyone at Lakeview in terms of the staff seems to have the best interest for the kids and genuinely wants the best for them . There are things i like and things I do not like but overall it has been a great school. I am happy that I was raised here so that i can go to Lakeview.
The teachers are very good and it is a safe environment, when it comes to college readiness I would say it is fairly poor.
Lakeview High School is a great small town school, where there are lots of activities to be involved in. I have gone to Lakeview for my whole life and I enjoy the school very much! Definitely recommend this school
The teachers are very good at keeping parents involved with what's going on at the school. Our coaches are very supportive of the athletes
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