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Lakeview public schools is an amazing school, the people are friendly and every member of the staff is more thank willing to help the students
Lakeview School District is a good community. There are many opportunities for our small town of about 1,000. Our school is becoming more diverse as we keep growing in admissions. The teachers really are great. All of me teachers care about my well being in and out of school. Everyday i come to school i never have to worry about my safety. The food is okay, we have those good lunches and bad lunches. The cooks offer us a lot of good and healthy fruits and veggies. Our facilites is always open to the community and in my opinion is very nice for our area. Parents are always getting involved but not in a overbearing way.I believe our sports are lacking in many areas but we continue to talk to activities director about certain improvements. With sports there is also many different activities you can participate in, like SAAD. This school pushes us very good in our academics, our grading system is more like a college grading system.
I have went to Lakeview school since preschool, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. It is very welcoming and everyone knows everyone. The teachers are great and the community is very family oriented. I wouldn't change a thing about my experience.
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I went to lakeview school my jr and sr year and I absolutely loved it! The teacher were always there to help you and because they school was small you were able to grow a relationship with them. The administration was also a very helpful group of people and the school was clean and nice. The homework would be challenging but there were unlimited ways to get help. Lakeview had amazing thing offered such as drama class, sports and many other exciting clubs. I am so glad I made the choice to switch to lakeview, the only regret I have is not switching sooner!
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