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Lakeview School District (Calhoun) Reviews

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This school district is very welcoming to everyone that joins! This school system is very great and offers many different clubs and sports to get involved in.
My experience at Lakeview was mostly positive but not without problems. The dress code is in my opinion very sexiest and the administration has been in my experience very poor. In addition, the food is absolutely terrible and is comparable to what I'd imagine prison food to be like and the building (and especially the bathrooms) is filthy and disgusting. However, the majority of the teachers and educational staff that I have had have been absolutely wonderful, passionate, and talented. My interactions with them have made me a better person. The academics have been challenging but not overwhelming and most AP classes I have taken have been very good but there are a lot of blow off classes. Overall I would say Lakeview is an average high school and I'm satisfied with my experience there. If you live in Battle Creek, it's a no brainer to send your child here over other schools in the area, but if you are considering where to move, I would look elsewhere
Its a very okay school. I like this school. Is very diverse and people are nicer and teachers are great. The works are okay for students. its a challenge
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personally i feel like the teachers care to an extent that they want us to graduate but they don't teach us things we need to know for college they teach us the bare minimum we need to graduate on time . the one thing i would like to see changed is staff involvement in student relationships , we have a few incidents with bullying and racism and it's not okay they don't take it as serious as they should
Many of the teachers were very supportive and gave out opportunities to learn in different ways, also many of the coaches pushed you to achieve greater things and do better. Some of the policies should be reviewed and altered to give students a better feel of what college will be like, some of the policies are too strict. Also a class should be added that will actually prepare students for life out of high school, and should replace the classes they have now that are supposed to.
Everything was very straightforward. I liked it a lot. The atmosphere was fun to be around, and a very nice environment to learn every single day.
Lakeview High School although not always known as a great school has shown so much improvement in the recent years and has upgraded both academically and athletics wise. Lakeview is now considered a reputable school to attend and shows great care for their students.
Over all, Lakeview is a wonderful place to get an education that will top a majority of the schools in our area. A lot of the staff is phenomenal at what they do and care a great deal; however, there is some staff that does not compare well to others. Lakeview's diversity is steadily increasing, but a lot of our school is predominately white, and some of these people hold values that do not line up with mine. The staff and administration tend to shut anyone down that is saying cruel things about another person, and we have lots of teachers fighting very hard for the equity and well being of our school. I am happy I got the opportunity to attend here, and be able to be apart of so many great educational classes, clubs, and groups over the years.
I love how the school actually cares about their kids. I’ve been going to lakeview for 2 years. I started there my freshman year. It’s an amazing school. If you need help they’re always willing to help out. They are always ready for an emergency. Keeping their kids safe is their #1 priority. I love this school
All of the Staff and Students are very friendly and open to listening. There are many extra-curricular activities to join, and multiple AP classes to take.
I would like too see the administration no be so strict on what the children are wearing and focus more on their education. helping the kids with their school work instead of punishing them and taking them out of their class because there shirt is cut to short or doesn't go past their fingertips. I did love that some of the teachers would get to know you on a personal level and would know if you are struggling outside of school would offer their own time up to help you with anything that you needed even if it didn't have to do anything with their class or school.
Lakeview helped me achieve most of my academic goals and i would like to see a better understanding of teachers boundaries on how they can treat their students. Overall Lakeview is a welcoming community and invites all into our district. It is a great place to learn with a few minor flaws that may include some teachers attitude and favoritism towards certain students. I have had many opportunities to help my career start and gave me great education for the future.
I liked the variety of classes and how the classes I took helped prepare me for my future degree in engineering.
The things I like about LHS are that they have good resources so that students are always able to get their work done and have additional help if needed. The thing I would like to see changed is the school lunch because I feel as if they don't serve us the best food they can.
I like Lakeview compared to the other public schools in the area. There is great deal of school pride in the community.
I appreciated some of the teachers, but overall then school system was very judgmental and bias towards their star athletic students. I felt like teachers weren't very aware of all that was happening with students and many unfortunate things were missed right in front of administrators' eyes. I think the newest prinicpal is helping bring about a positive change but I still believe there is a long way to go for the district.
Lakeview High School had a crew of lovable people in their own right. Some more than others. Every teacher will be sensible, however miscommunication is a common problem among students and teachers but that can be solved with calm communication. Many teachers attempt to be comical, some will succeed and others will fail in doing so. The bathrooms were often a mess but cleaned up ASAP. The student body as a whole were lovely, there are a few bad eggs with any group but that goes without saying. Even those bad eggs can become great people. Lakeview High School was a good experience overall. Not great, not terrible, but good. That's better than what I expected out of a high school.
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My experience with Lakeview School District is nothing out of the ordinary. I love how diverse and accepting my school is to all groups of people. At Lakeview you can find a club for just about anything, and you can start a new one with the supervison of a staff member. Almost all of the teachers are very passionate about the subject they teach, and they will go above and beyond to help their students achieve success. Lakeview has a very positive atmosphere due to pep rallies, home games, plays, etc. Everyone can find their place at Lakeview.
I was a student a Lakeview High School and I enjoyed it. The staff there were great and very helpful. The school is very safe and within my four years of high school there was only one fight that occurred.
Lakeview is a good school system with a lot of hardworking teachers who really care. There are lots of options for classes and clubs. We have great after school programs. However the culture needs improvement
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