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Decent school not many complaints, nothing too special really. The academics and sports are good, other than that it is average.
Very good staff. The teachers are competent and caring as long as you out in the effort. The school has a bunch of opportunities to dual enrollment and AP testing. And they don't charge you for the AP exam (at least they didn't in 2015)
I attended Lakeview Public Schools for 5th grade through 12th. As a graduate from the class of 2015, I can say that overall, I had a very good experience at Lakeview. The middle school was great at preparing students for high school. I made the most memories at the high school. Teachers were always willing to provide extra help for students, the counselors were very helpful in preparing for college, and there were many after school activities. However, there were some times where the bathrooms were not the cleanest, and the lunchroom food was not always the best. Overall, I enjoyed my time at LPS and I have made many lifelong friends who also graduated from Lakeview.
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Lakeview Public Schools was a good school, however having good teachers and classes. They need to encourage students to want to be there and give them more incentive to do well and not blow it off.
I loved lakeview pubic schools. They taught me so much on education and life. They put me in a path to succeed.
I'm graduating from here, decent school. Offered good opportunities for early college classes and other classes to prepare you for life/high education.
I have attended LPS since kindergarten. They teachers are great and I have received an excellent education there. I feel that the staff really cares and have helped prepare me for college.
Overall Lakeview high school has offered me an amazing experience. I love the class selection and the opportunity for dual enrollment. The only thing I would change is offering a home economics class and having open graduation.
Great education from Teachers who really care about the students. Students are involved in extra curricular activities and parents-community very supportive.
As a student attending here and a sister of someone who has graduated, I feel as if I get and great education; although, I do not feel safe. I got bullied and none of the staff did anything about it. I told them approximately 4 separate times about what was happening. The district has been getting progressively worse sense my sister attended.
Lakeview High is a good experience, some teachers are good and care about their work. Technology is limited and old, technological classes are very limited and dont progress. Bug infestations, terrible lunch food, and a principal who does not allow many activities to be planned.
Lakeview was a great school to go too! Everyone was nice and had great sports. I would recommend Lakeview to anyone!
Lakeview has been a very positive place to be for these past four years. I've grown a lot and changed a lot since my first day. It's a very comforting environment with great teachers and students. There are definitely still bad moments, but for the most part I have made great memories there. I have learned how important it is to have a strong work ethic and to go after what you what. Attending Lakeview is something that I am very grateful for.
While there are some things I don't like about Lakeview I believe this would be a problem anywhere. I would definitely consider it the best high school in St. Clair Shores.
i like how the teacher were involved in each student like it was a 1 on 1 classroom. i didnt like how the grading system was set up
I like that majority of people are very open and unique. There isn’t any discrimination or bullying that I personally have seen. I wish there was there was more helpful peroration for the SAT.
Lakeview public schools are accepting, diverse, and professional. Lakeview offers the most amazing programs you could imagine. I am graduating from Lakeview high school with 28 college credits all paid for by Lakeview. Lakeview offers Wayne State, Baker, and Macomb Community College courses to all students. The block scheduling allows for all students to take advantage of these amazing programs. Lakeview really focuses on all students. Students who are not interested in college have opportunities to advance as well. Lakeview offers JROCT(junior military), First responders training, culinary arts school, beauty schools, Dentistry through Baker college, and so many more. Students at Lakeview have obvious advantages over students in surrounding schools. I am leaving Lakeview with complete confidence in my education knowing that I am ready for my college career.
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Lakeview is a very good school that is still in the process of improving. It is a very good environment and you can tell that the administrators truthfully care about the students.
The teachers are great. The classes offered are diverse. I feel safe while at the school. The extracurricular choices are great. I would recommend this school to others.
Lakeview is a fantastic institution for academics, especially when compared to other schools in the area. The staff and faculty are helpful and intelligent, but are sometimes overwhelmed by the large number of students attending the school. Overall, my experience with Lakeview has been very positive.
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