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Lakeview Public Schools (Macomb) Reviews

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Lakeview is a fantastic institution for academics, especially when compared to other schools in the area. The staff and faculty are helpful and intelligent, but are sometimes overwhelmed by the large number of students attending the school. Overall, my experience with Lakeview has been very positive.
I like how Lakeview Public Schools are very diverse. They offer a wide curriculum for students to find what they are passionate about.
Lakeview public schools is a very good district. It is the top school in the area for academics. They put a lot of emphasis on academics and doing well on tests such as the ACT and SAT. They do a great job preparing students for those exams and for helping them think about college and plan for college. They also offer Wayne state classes, which Lakeview pays most of the bill for, and macomb community college classes for free. It is a great school as far as academics go. They do need to work on the school spirit and sports. They need to let kids have more fun and freedom.
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I liked how this district provides the next step into college. I graduated in 2016, and they helped my apply to 5 schools while I was in school. Their counselors followed up with students and made sure they had some type of plan, and if they didn’t, they would help with that too. There was lots of test preparation and testing, which helped prepare for college and made sure students were improving. The teachers are the most important part but also the weakest area. They aren’t always professional and don’t care about actually educating. Some were amazing, others were the worst. I’ve had some experiences with tenure teachers abusing power and stopped educating or caring. Staff needs work.
It was an overall very nice place for me. I feel like some of the rules there were too much and the lunch ladies were a little rude sometimes, besides that the teachers were all exceptional.
As Lakeview Alum, I am, of course, proud to have my children attend my alma mater. As a student, I loved my school, but didn't appreciate the opportunities afforded me. As a parent, upgrades in programs, facilities/equipment, and security have cemented my love of the Lakeview District.

With my personality I was able to get my high school classes down and complete many college classes before graduating, but I found Lakeview extremely lacking in a fun high school experience. They mainly only focused on our test scores and not how each child has a different personality and learns differently, they really could have had more school spirit and rewards for doing good in school or in taking college classes.
The staff is wonderful. I have only felt uncomfortable an extremely small amount of times. Teachers are always willing to help. The school is easy to navigate, and everyone is always willing to help.
Lakeview High School, specifically, is a great school especially for SAT prep. However, there are not great resources as with other school such as IA or MMSTC. Overall, the school is a good environment but could be more helpful for college bound students.
I made lots of friends. All of my teachers have impacted me in some way or another. I have learned a lot in my four years here.
I am the average student at Lakeview not in very many clubs. They have good academics and help is offered, and far as athletics they needs a lot of help. The only thing lacking is more diversity the school is predominantly white, so it makes it hard for minorities like me to feel all the way comfortable. They need to fix away to change the color of the school from white to vibrant with mixed colors.
I loved the dual enrollment opportunities with Wayne State, Macomb Community College, and Baker College. It gave us preparation for college during our high school years. We had some of the best teachers as well. Our school had very little bullying or fights.
Lakeview high school is an amazing school. There are a ton of AP classes. They break their schedule up to four block classes a semester and the last semester you have your other four classes.
The block scheduling is great for adding more electives and variety to the schedule. The school follow students grades and if they are struggling will give them a skinny schedule for the full year and an extra class for help them to succeed. The School was rated the 2nd in Macomb county for academic Excellence.
I would love to see changes in the constant test prep and try learning for learning sake. Daily and even weekly test prep questions are to much.
The Food in the whole county is awful, having little options for vegetarian and vegans. The only options that are available are garden salad and even then they have cheese and are not vegan friendly. Plus vegan need other proteins and can't survive on salad alone.
Lakeview Public Schools continues to offer all of its students academic and extracurricular opportunities to take advantage of. I have been encouraged to do my personal best by my teachers and peers. While I have been successful during the 10+ years I have attended, Lakeview continues to challenge me.
Being a student at Lakeview has been a very pleasant experience thus far. We have very dedicated and engaged teachers to help push us toward college readiness. Our principal has made it his top priority to push the boundaries on our average SAT/ACT test scores. Plus, our diverse students bring life into the numerous sports and clubs we have.
At Lakeview High school I had a very good experience. All of my teachers were willing to help me succeed and I had many unique opportunities to grow and figure out what I like through clubs, sports, CTE classes, and a wide range of electives. I wad able to help out my community through a volunteering club. All of the staff including the principal and assistant principals were very helpful. Lakeview is a great High School.
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I entered Lakeview Public Schools in third grade through school of choice. My parents made an amazing decision because my grades improved immediately, I made more friends, and I felt very welcomed. Lakeview has prepared me for a life in the real world, and I thank them for that.
I like the preparation they give is for big tests, like the SAT. The teachers are all helpful and make it easy to learn. The testing we do helps prepare us for bigger things and the teahers do a nice job in trying to prepare us for college.
Lakeview has a nice, peaceful environment. The teachers are hands on and always willing to help. The students are friendly
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