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I really like how the teachers are concerned about your grades. If you’re struggling with school work your teachers are likely there after school willing to help you with the school work you’re struggling with. The only thing I dislike is that once you leave to take classes at a college campus, you’re disconnected, where you aren’t informed about what is going on at the school unless you ask a peer that is attending the High school. Also the school does not use weighted gpa to determine class rank, so anyone who takes easier classes and gets better grades than someone who takes honors and ccp classes will likely have a better rank in the class.
I am so glad that I have got the opportunity to go to Lakeview since fourth grade. All staff at Lakeview cares deeply about their students and truly wants the best for them. They offer a huge variety of college courses and ensure every student is ready for the ACT. Lakeview is the best school in the area and I’m honored to be a bulldog!
Overall, Lakeview provides quality education to it's students. I would like to have seen in my time better handling of bullying situations and more encouragement of diversity.
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I would like to see a new high school building, more hands-on activities (field trips, etc.), and more diversity welcomed into the school.
Lakeview employs great teachers and administrators and puts an emphasis on college and/or career readiness by providing students with opportunities to take college classes or attend vocational school.
My experience at Lakeview was a very educational, fun 4 years. Although the classes are tough, they prepare you for college, and push you to be a better student. I was involved in many sports/activities/clubs that expanded my experience. Overall, a great school.
Good teachers, and a great learning environment. Staff really cares about seeing you succeed, and they're always there to help. Many different clubs and organizations for everyone!
My experience with the Lakeview Local School District has been nothing but amazing. I've been enrolled in the district since kindergarten, and I have nothing but good things to say. Lakeview Local is such an amazing environment . I love the staff in this district. They care about the students. They care about more than just academics, although academics are a big part of what makes Lakeview the school it is today. Lakeview provided me with such a fantastic education. They have me well prepared for my future educational journey.
Lakeview has a small school population which helps create a small family feel. They offer so many perks for hardworking students like the student lounge and the privilege to leave campus during study hall. They offer so many college classes to prepare its kids for college and have an awesome lunch program for seniors that allows them to leave campus for lunch. The school has an amazing administration staff and amazing teachers.
I loved going to school here! The teachers are passionate, organized, caring, and hardworking. I learned so much from each of my teachers, and had a wonderful experience from Kindergarten to my senior year of high school! This school strives to grow in academics, athletics, and the arts continually.
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