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Lakeview is a really good school. They have a awesome resource system. I have Agenesis of Corpous Collosum and get great help from teachers and paras. The resource teacher are very helpful preparing me for college and my life outside of high school with my disability.
I have had a pretty great time through my years at this school. All the teachers are great and really care about all of their students. Being in activities and sports is highly encouraged in our school and that is important. Everyone that attends Lakeview is very lucky to go to this school!
Coming from a school with only 3 three kids in my class, then coming to Lakeview my freshman year with about 100 kids in my class was quite the expierence. I got to meet so many people, and everyone was so nice, and the teachers welcomed me to the school with joy. I really enjoy the sport programs here at Lakeview, and how they offer so many different electives. If I could change one thing here at Lakeview it would be new sports equipment, for example new volleyballs and basketballs.
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For being a rural school that runs a lot on farming backgrounded kids this school is the kind of everyone knows everyone. This school likes to advertise a bully free area, however there is lots of bullying that happens where nothing is done to stop it. Not only is there bullying being done but there are also some teachers who do not teach any material throughout the year. In one class all that would be done is watch videos, be handed notes, and tests be taken. Lots of students end up not learning anything but they still pass because the teacher likes them. So yes some teachers are not the greatest and then there are some really great teachers that are constantly there to help students if they don't understand the material and are always willing to do more for their students.
Most of the teachers here are pretty good. They enjoy what they do and like to communicate with the students in any way they can. They are very approachable and easy to get along with. Some, however, are not this way. A few tend to pick favorite students and put all of their focus and attention towards them, barely leaving any time for the rest. I have been on the other side of this where I wasn't a favorite and it made learning in their class quite difficult. The head faculty could also use some work. They discriminate against kids that they don't like, and are much more strict with them. When it comes to sports, the coaching needs to be improved. Personally, I have had very bad experiences with the coaches here. Volleyball was ruined because the coaches didn't give a fair chance and would only play who they liked. Luckily, some of the people on the team made it more enjoyable, which encouraged me to stay out.
What I liked about lakeview were the teachers. The teacher are willing to help well the most of them are. Most of them could help a little bit more. The administration could use work on making the school more equal, and have less favoritism in the school. Some students are treated differently when they break rules. They get lesser punishment compared to other student because of their last name or parents.
The school food could use some work to. People pay too much for a little bit of food. They seem to serve the minimum that is necessary. Lakeview has great academic and some good activities but they sure can use some help.
My experiences at Lakeview Community Schools are very well, I am proud to say that I am going to graduate at this school. The teachers at Lakeview have taught me a lot since freshmen year, I can say that even thought I don't like math very much the teachers make it fun to go to. The people and the community at Lakeview are well known because of how we act and what we do.
Lakeview is a school, but it is more like a community. Everyone at Lakeview knows everyone. Once one person is hurting everyone else hurts for them. There isn't many issues at all except I would like just a few more fun, extracurricular like classes to take.
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