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Lakeview Community Schools (Montcalm) Reviews

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Lakeview schools is a fun and welcoming place that has many students that come from multitude of different races, cultures and ethnicities. We all care about one another.
Overall I did not feel super supported in this school district. There were some excellent teachers and I feel ready for college. But there were many times I just felt that I didn't belong, that the administrators didn't really know me. And it is a school in a small town, so if you don't have the right name and connections, it is just so-so. My experiences with athletics was the same in my last two years, I didn't have the right name, so I was overlooked. The student body divides into cliques and are very rude. High school was not a fun experience.
The thing that I like best about Lakeview Community Schools is that our language arts department. All of these people genuinely care about me and my family. They recomended me for my current job before I even applied. They have truly prepared me to go on to write essays in college. All of those teachers have shown that they truly care about me and want me to be succesful. My junior english teacher helped me to edit my applicationpaper for college as well.
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I enjoyed my brief two years at that school. I transferred in in my junior year and while I am a anti social person the students at the school did there best to make me feel at home.
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