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Lakeside School District (Lake Village) Reviews

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The main thing I would like to see change is the rules. They often send people home because of minor uniform flaws such as an untucked shirt or an undershirt that is not white or black. Along with that, you can not wear headbands, which in my opinion, does no harm to anyone’s learning. This school is more worried about uniforms than anything else.
I like the classes offered and the teachers. My teachers really take the time to assist me with my learning. I can visit with my teacher during lunch, power period and after school. The classes really meet my needs to graduate. What I dislike most about my school is the cafeteria food. The food does not interest me at all. I really wish students were given the opportunity to plan lunches. However, we were given an opportunity to choose which menu to eat earlier this year. Overall, I really like my school.
I like to see change is student go to class on time, and teacher that can help benefit my learning, and have more homework so it can prepare me for college.
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Lakeside High School is a great urban school. There is some diversity but not a lot. They school welcomes all ethnic backgrounds. Very friendly staff and students. This school maybe be small, but great this comes in small packages. Sports are very important to this school and the district!
I only like the school because I like school. Lakeside it’s a average school. The Dean is very strict, a little to much at times. Everything else the school is okay.
I’ve been attending Lakeside High School since my freshman year. I’m currently on my summer break going into my 12th grade year. I’ve had some great experiences at Lakeside High and some bad experiences. Lakeside struggles with fairness. They have their favorites and that’s one thing I want to change. Another thing I want to see change is our scores. We have too many intelligent students for our scores to be so low. I want the school to work with us, the students, on getting prepared for college.
I honestly like going to school because I be missing Munich bestfriend. I only like playing sports for Lakeside High because the teachers and the food Is terrible! I just don't go to school to learn, I go to school to be involved with activities like clubs or sports. I like to keep myself busy and doing productive things. What I do not like about Lakeside are the rules,majority of the teachers, & the drama! The teachers are just as dumb as the rules are. Lakeside is a "cool" school but too much drama goes on between students. I keep my distance and avoid all negativity because I can't live a positive life surrounded around people with giving off negative vibes. I want to be great and obtain my goals I have set for myself in the future.
I have attended LHS for four years, and I have experienced so much. The school itself isn't horrible if only the administration was willing to better the students and not their paychecks.
What I like about lakeside is the hard work and dedication we have when it comes down to sports. We love the competition. I will most definitely miss the band when I graduate. We have one of the best bands, that's going to get you up on your feet. Athletes love when the band is performing at games, the music keeps them going.
Though Lakeside has a great and safe environment, things such as the athletic gym and track can be updated to give the school more school spirit.
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