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Lakeside School District (Hot Springs) Reviews

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Lakeside High School values their students, and care about their future. Personally, I think Lakeside does an excellent job preparing their students for college, and they do not need to change.
Lakeside School District is very student oriented. Lakeside strives to involve parents in there childs education as well as allow a lot of room or student involvement. Lakeside has a wide variety of sports as well as clubs so everyone can find a way to get plugged in. The students at Lakeside has a ton of school spirit which makes the atmosphere ideal for students and teachers. The administration at Lakeside work with the students to provide help and make the school a place for everyone to feel welcome. This year Lakeside listened to students and finally amped up the EAST program which was much needed and has and will continue to pay off both the students and the school district as a whole. Technology is above average at Lakeside with classes revolved around it to make school work more accessible and provide new tools for learning.
I have attended since 4th grade and have felt welcome to every class I walk into. I am now in high school and have been provided all the classes I need to graduate and classes that spark my interest
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It's a great school, helped me get ready for college, and graduate with over 40 hours. Love the teachers.
There’s nothing I would change about Lakeside School District, Hot Springs to act I liked everything about it but the one thing I loved about Lakeside is the clubs and activities they offered us
I liked the education I received from this school. I felt as though it throughly prepared me for other endeavors in my life, which has been an immense help. While the education was mostly sufficient, I feel as though the teachers could try to be more involved and helpful in meeting the needs of individual students.
Lakeside is an amazing school where students will make great memories. The school has classes geared towards student interests and are lead by some of the greatest teachers I have ever had. I highly recommend for parents to check out this school. Go Rams!
Lakeside school is one of the best schools in Garland County because the facility and the administrators make it their job to help prepare the students by giving them plenty of homework, having one on one conversations to help them excell in their coursework, and they have a diverse range of extracurricular activities that will interest all of the students. Things like band, choir, drama, theatre, broadcasting, news, art, computer, and orchestra are just a few of the activities that lakeside offers. That doesn't even include all the sports teams that they offer as well: football, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, swimming, bowling are some that are offered. Lakeside is a great school for people who are interested in all things.
I love the focus that Lakeside has put into its academics as well as its sports. The school district has been very helpful whenever I need it and is willing to help all students.
Lakeside has great academics, but the school culture is cliquey. Everybody is fighting to stay on top, and they are very judgmental of the smallest things.
Lakeside is a pretty standard high school, though the staff and faculty are better than average and the facilities themselves are well maintained. Overall I'm really happy I spent my high school years there.
Lakeside has given me the best education I could have asked for. They made sure that I was able to understand the material and went back if they needed to to make sure I got it down. I can tell that the teachers here sincerely care about their students and I'm honored to have been one of them.
Lakeside provided me with plenty of incredible opportunities to further my education and become a more well-rounded person. The academics at Lakeside are highly competitive, with the standard for advanced placement classes being set in the eighth grade. The administration has recently really cracked down on the rules, making everyday school life a little more tedious. the take students' safety very seriously, increasing road precautions and security each passing year. Overall, the school itself didn't lend me a bad high school experience, other students sometimes negatively affected my time at Lakeside.
they have made a lot of changes to the facility since I have graduated so they fixed a lot of the safety problems they had.
I have been here my whole entire life and have always enjoyed being here and continue my education, and there are also great opportunities. I am in IT and also and in Aviation and they are both 2 options i want to explore in college
Very indescive school, strive in some sports and not others (cheer 17x state champs, tennis, and golf win state very often), is very educationally based
Lakeside School has prepared me for college by offering college level courses, and allowing me to earn college credits free of charge through our local community college. The teachers at Lakeside have challenged me to strive for excellence in my grades and study skills. I have made life long friends through the many clubs and organizations that Lakeside supports.
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As a former Lakeside Ram, I was very pleased with the education and readiness I received over the course of my attendance.
I like the many diverse classes and that I had the ability to challenge myself. I also think that the staff works very hard to help the students and that the students are given access to many types of technology. However, I feel like too much focus is put on football and that smaller clubs and activities don't get the recognition they deserve. I also think that the good is terrible and that the portion sizes are too small. I wish that students had more lunch time and more time to travel from class to class.
Lakeside is an exceptional school if your kids participate in the AP Program. They put a great amount of time and effort into these kids.
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