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Lakeshore School District (Berrien) Reviews

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I liked the school a lot. Besides maintenance things like air conditioning or heat it was a good school.
There are a lot of opportunities to get involved with activities and the staff are passionate about teaching. Plus there is an amazing arts program.
Lakeshore has provided me with many opportunities as a growing musician. The elementary music programs offered prepared me in ways that I did not even realize until many years later. My academic experience at Lakeshore High School has not been the best due to some teachers not willing to expand beyond the traditional classroom setting.
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Lakeshore Schools are typically quite strong. There are always a few poor teachers (mainly in the middle school), and the food is below average. However, Lakeshore performs well academically and provides a good curriculum for just about any kid, whether they plan on attending college or not. The CTE programs and Industrial programs really impress me (despite the fact I mainly take AP classes); my friends that participate in these programs appreciate them. The administration is kind and overall attentive to the students. Sports are really strong at Lakeshore, especially football and wrestling. What I like about Lakeshore the most is how involved it is with the community and what a healthy relationship the community and school have. Lakeshore has a great, caring environment
After having experiences in 3 school districts (MI, AL and TN) I have to say Lakeshore rates the lowest. If your student is not an exceptional athlete or highly accomplished in academics, then Lakeshore is not the place for you. The teachers are highly entitled and offer little assistance, even when engaged to help. The administration keeps student incidents to themselves, unless someone contacts the news or paper. The school district leadership lacks the basics for guiding the district. There are a few exceptions within the teacher ranks, but not enough to overcome the shortcomings of the faculty administrative inabilities. In summary, only the great students receive the attention, the rest are left to just get by. We were in this district for 8 years, and had a child that was on the high end and one on the lower end and this was our experience.
The academics at Lakeshore were great. They found ways to challenge students as well as help those with disabilities
Lakeshore School District is overall wonderful and is well facilitated! I love the environment provided and enjoy attending the school!
I enjoyed myself over the years I spent at Lakeshore, the teachers were nice as well as the people that were there. I had my fun as well as learned quite a lot that I feel has prepared me for college.
Lakeshore Highschool was an amazing experience. Great school and really got me prepared for college I would recommend all students to attend .
Lakeshore is a wonderful school with wonderful staff. I have really enjoyed working with all of them for the past 4 years and am sad that my time must come to an end. There is absolutely nothing that I would change about my time there.
Lakeshore has always been a great school, constantly focusing on excellence. All experiences I've had with the actual district have been good. I would like to see more school spirit, and kindness through the school in students.
I like how the school was diverse and had different after school activities. I would like for teachers to teach and give practice to students for getting ready for the real world and college.
I like having some teachers that understand that we have more than just their class. But on the other hand, most teachers do not understand that we have a life outside of school and we have to pick and choose what homework/study hours we can do per night.
I love my school, there are a lot of ways to get involved. There are many programs that you can be a part of that help you get prepared for college.
Lakeshore was my home for all of my education. I would have to say that the teachers and learning environment are outstanding. I miss them so much. All of their programs are amazing. Also, the students have the chance to explore other surrounding programs. It's a school where a student have many opportunities. The sports teams are fun and champions. The arts really show the students talent an help them improve. As a member of the band and track team, Lakeshore really knows how to be good sports and ,when winning, not to be rude. Lakeshore is a great school. GO LANCERS!!!!!!!
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