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Lakes International Language Academy Reviews

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LILA is amazing. I feel so fortunate that we have a public school with the option for full immersion. Because of LILA, my previously monolingual children were able to communicate with their relatives abroad who don't speak English. This is something that they weren't able to do before but could do after just one semester at LILA. And their Spanish has just gotten better over the years. The teachers are enthusiastic, the administration is creative, dedicated and determined. My oldest is in his 7th year at LILA and we're so thankful for it.
There is no place like LILA!! LILA has a community like no other school, they are caring, compassionate and truly care about their students. Students are the focus at LILA, which is how it should be.
I am a parent of two LILA students who have been their since Kinder. One is now a senior, and one a freshman. We have been very happy with the education and environment LILA offers. Their classes are rigorous; their teachers are strong and extremely caring; the administration is talented, organized, creative and communicative. I would and do highly recommend LILA to parents making a choice about where their kids will attend.
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I have three daughters who were students at LILA starting in kindergarten and were enrolled as many years as available. My youngest returned to LILA to finish high school. LILA was exactly the type of school I wanted for my daughters. The IB curriculum challenged them to make learning active and meaningful. The wonderful teachers and staff encouraged them throughout to believe they could achieve and apply what they learned to improve their world. As young adults they are thriving in their careers and college. And best of all they are literate in both English and Spanish!
LILA (Lakes International Language Academy) is a well rounded school that provides lots of support to their students. I like LILA because of the small school body. You get to know all of your classmates and teacher well. We have a good connection with out staff.
I think LILA is a great school, with amazing teachers. I'm really grateful to have gone to a Spanish immersion school like LILA. Being fluent in Spanish is such a gift. I had amazing teachers and a lot of support from my counselors and other staff members.
It’s a great opportunity for students who want a second world view and to learn a new language from kindergarten
Have you ever experienced something that was so awesome it almost seemed... not real? That's how LILA feels. So awesome you question its real-ness.
Lakes International Language Academy (LILA) absolutely changed my life. I came from a normal public school and was in awe. As a student that fell in love with linguistics and learning languages, LILA was a perfect match. Most of my teachers were from other countries and were encouraging in my language studies. The grading system in not traditional and really focuses on how you learn and apply your knowledge instead of regurgitating facts that you forget in a year.