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Lakeport Unified School District Reviews

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The district ultimately cares for the amount of money they make instead of the well being of their students.
There are many great things that the district offers, such as class offerings, a helpful staff, and sports programs. There are a few things that I would change, mainly about health and safety concerns. When the air quality is unhealthy or when there is severe flooding the obvious choice is to cancel school.
Overall my experience has been good for the last 12 years. My daughter has received a good education. Communication and technology has improved greatly over the years.
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Overall it was an amazing 4 years at the high school. The staff and administration were delightful. The student body does so much to make sure everyone has the best high school experience possible. The atmosphere was electric always happy and bright.
Probably the best district in the county. You can get a reasonable education with a small town vibe. I--and many others--wish there were more class and elective options.
I enjoy the different things they have. Although they need to change discipline rules. I have experienced a teacher slap another and many students beat up teachers. They say they will solve it but never do in the future. They need better clubs and classs in the high school level.
I have had a great experience at Clear Lake High School. The teachers are very friendly and connect well with their students. The whole district is ran well and is very organized. The only complaint I have, is I wish the funding went to better causes. For example: the first grade elementary school students have brand new Apple laptops, while us Seniors are stuck using two year old Chromebooks. There are some financial decisions that are questionable, but for the most part the school is ran very well.
Lakeport Unified is very interesting school and offers a wide variety of educational opportunities. The schools are right next to each other so there is no hassle when moving. Furthermore, the district is very concerned with providing many facilities to the students as possible and constantly strives to continue improving.
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