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I have been a student at Lakeland since kindergarten. The teachers are always interested in making a better version of yourself and guiding you to make good choices, in the classroom and outside of the classroom.
Throughout the years at Lakeland, I've grown a deeper love for my hometown and my school. This small school has brought me many opportunities that would ready me for college. Between field trips, courses, and the amazing staff that would be willing to do pretty much anything for their students, Lakeland School District has supplied me with everything I could've asked for in my high school experience, and more.
I enjoy going to school everyday the teachers are nice and really helpful and the students are kind to one another and try to help each other out the best they can. They remodeled the school and it looks beautiful now with the new carpets and auditorium. the new TRIBE thing that we do in my opinion is nice because it shows gratitude torts the students and teachers that do stuff that they are suppose to do and get credit for doing it. Lakeland is a awesome school and I think that it deserves a award for being such an awesome school. GOTRIBE !
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There are a lot of opportunities to take difficult and challenging courses and to succeed academically. There are plenty of sports to be involved in as well other as extracurricular activities. The teachers are nice and they care about the school, the students and the community. The school has been undergoing construction and renovations recently and it is nice to see the positive changes taking place
I liked the teachers at Lakeland. They were always very caring and helpful.

Opportunities could have been better for students.
I really liked how close everyone was and how fun it was to be around friends. However, I would definitely like to see more of an emphasis on education rather than sports.
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