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Lakeland School District makes it a priority to keep children safe, but i would like to see them make other things a priority, such as education.
I am a big proponent of the academic opportunities Lakeland High School provides. Their college courses provided are abundant, and I will graduate high school with an AA because of it.
I have attended Lakeland school district since 8th grade. The academic choices were good and the teachers were helpful. I enjoyed the extracurricular activities and played in many sports.
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It was a very welcoming environment when I cam to the district as a new student. I will never forget that. GO Hawks!
It was an amazing experience and Lakeland will always hold a place in my heart. I have gone to Lakeland since forever and it has great staff and students. The departments are great there are many different options for student that want to participate in extracurricular activities, whether it be sports or liberal arts there are many different things that are available.
I really enjoyed this district. I switched districts my freshman year and this school welcomed me with open arms and the only thing that i would've changed is some of the rules like wearing hats and stuff like that. I had an issue with the old staff but this year they changed it up and i love my new principals
This school is an amazing school that is always looking for ways to improve student life and achievements. There are many opportunities to try new things and improve yourself as a person and academic. There are a variety of classes and clubs that appeal to many different personalities and interests. I have always felt welcomed by the school staff and I think the staff does a great job looking out for their students. One change I think would benefit this school is more parent involvement in the school. This high school attempts to make parents participate in the school events, but does not seem to succeed. I think that maybe including more programs or something similar could improve the parent participation.
Lakeland schools are great! The staff is well qualified and has a genuine interest in the students. Idaho schools however are not well funded. Lakeland schools do not offer orchestra to middle school or high school. I was told it was due to lack of funding. They would be required to provide practice instruments to students that could not afford them. That was a a disappointment when we moved from Coeur d Alene district to Lakeland. Coeur d Alene schools have an orchestra program. My daughter had played the violin.
Overall this district is okay, especially the higher level schools. How ever the elementary teachers and principals lack a spine and refuse to give kids punishments. I don't care if you think that kids "are special little snowflakes" but those kids are BRATS especially at Athol elementary because the principal there won't stand up to little kids.Example
i believe that i am very lucky to have grown up in the place i did and with the students and teachers i fortunately had. all good things to say about lakeland high school. the collage preparation was amazing. the teachers were amazing the programs and extra out of school activities were in abundance. funding was a little light in the beginning but as i grew up lakeland as a district greatly increased its test scores and therefor started receiving better funding. if i had to guess lakeland will continue to be a very successful high school for years to come. i myself have wrestled for lakeland for many years through club and during my high school years we were a nationally ranked team placing high in huge region tournaments. the sports coaches are some of the best around.
One of the things I loved the most about Lakeland was the care that a good chunk of the teachers put into their work. With the new administration though, I don't think kids are as happy.
I did not like Lakeland School District. All there schools are focused on sports and not on academics. Don't let their good reviews fool you. The administration is a joke and they do nothing for the schools. Each year they have to ask the public for money because they do not know how to budget money. The schools are falling apart and there is no discipline whatsoever. Do not choose Lakeland School District. You are better off going somewhere else because this district is a joke.
The teachers in the district really care about their students and strive to see them succeed. There is a strong push throughout the district to get students involved in extracurricular activities. The district also focuses on kindness and compassion. A change I would like to see in the district would be in Lakeland High School's science department. It seems the science department lacks the passion for the subject. Many teachers even mentioned that they were not teaching the subject they wanted to teach and it really shows. Overall, I had a great experience in the district I attended from first through twelfth grade and had many amazing, passionate teachers who truly impacted my life. I made great friends, everlasting memories, and learned so much academically and learned about myself as well.
Went to Lakeland jr high and Lakeland high school and there were great teachers but I don't think they have enough educational programs
Lakeland High School employs some of the best faculty in the state. Dual-credit options are available for students to receive college credit while still attending high school, which is an excellent head start option for any student. The high school facilities are of top quality.
There are a lot of very dedicated teachers in this school district, however, many are not. I wish that there was more emphasis on learning instead of just passing the next test. I find that my education is lacking in many ways because most of my teachers have not put in the time or effort to teach instead of ordering their students to memorize the curriculum.
Lakeland is full of great teachers and students. It is fun and we learn a lot; however, I would like to see fewer drugs around the school and an increase in councilor activity in the students' lives.
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I went through grades K-12 in the Lakeland School District and I can't say enough positive things about it. I felt challenged and encouraged to do well. I always felt that I was graded fairly and was provided help when I needed it. Going into college I felt that my first year was an easy transition and that I had been well prepared.
Lakeland high has given me the opportunity to be dual enrolled and start my dream of college early. Lakeland is a great school that's smaller than many high school's in the area and you feel like your not just a number. Teachers care about your future and lead you in the right direction.
I had a great time at Lakeland High School. The teachers are well organized, the school is very academic, and the sports teams are both fun to watch and play for.
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