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I liked my experience with Lakeland middle school, but in the years since I’ve passed a lot has changed. My brother was at the middle school during a lot of these ‘big changes’ and I personally don’t agree with them because I don’t think they are helping the students become high school ready. I’m concerned that the children won’t be ready for the high school with the way that the middle school is set up currently.
I loved my teachers! They were always there and wanted to see us succeed in life. Many times if you need help or anything they were there and willing to work with you.
I liked the English courses and History courses the most. Some teachers cared tons, others not so much. Decent for local residents needing some place close by.
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I would like the sports teams to be picked by how well someone is and not by their parents last name and who they are related to determine who plays first.
While I was attending Lakeland School corporation, I really experienced what it means to be a guinea pig. My class was the first to be introduced to new tech learning. We learned with the teachers and it made us prepared for the future of technology which we are in today. The school also takes pride on their sports and arts programs which was great for me considering I was involved in both. Overall, a great high school experience .
Overall this school system does pretty well! They do their best to offer things for every student to help the succeed. They are starting to include project based learning into their curriculums, which can be good and bad. The project based learning started at the high school, and is trickling down to the middle and elementary schools. There are some flaws in the system with the project based learning, but I think with some work they could make it better and more beneficial for all students!
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