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While I didn't have a bad time at this school, the education you get there is below average compared to the other high school I went to, which makes me feel like I wasn't able to excel in ways I could've. there weren't many class options or clubs to get into. I didn't have many AP classes or college classes I could take. The teachers and staff were unfriendly and there was no sense of freedom in the school which did and still does drive students crazy.
I highly recommend this school district. The teachers at the schools care for the students and stay active with them. The learning environment is very hands on and interactive.
My experience with the Lakeland Central School District has been good. I've been able to meet multiple friends, teachers, and other people along the way that have helped me become the person I am today. I love the schools I've went to and cherish the memories I have made here.
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If you have high academic achievers, good luck. Emphasis in this district is on sports - with mediocre opportunities for out of the box thinking and learning . Staff is cliquey and so are students.
I have 2 children in the district and I have nothing but good things to say. The teachers are competent, caring and hard working. The buildings are secure and safe.
Good high school experience. Wish class size was smaller for shy, quiet kids that can fall through the cracks.
I was a part of the Lakeland Central district grade 1-12. We had a lot of activities in elementary school, e.g. “government tea”. It was a fun exercise where we picked a figure, learned about them and made a presentation for class. We dressed up as our choice and hosted a tea where the parents were invited and interviewed us regarding our choice of public figure. It was a lot of fun. Middle school provided the introduction to music and sports for me. I went on to play basketball in high school and loved it. I had a great school experience. There is nothing I would change but would have liked a shorter bus ride.
Walter Panas High School provides an excellent academic experience. Principal Yi is a hands on administrator dedicated to helping all students reach their potential and to continuously strive for excellence. His expectation of high achievement is reinforced by all the teachers. All students are encouraged to take advanced placement classes and other higher level academics.
I loved Lakeland, it really helped to prepare me for college. I really enjoyed all my teachers, they really taught me well. The sports teams, although I dint play for long are really great. The coaching staff is great and athletes can really excel at Lakeland. Overall Lakeland is a great school, and the administration is very helpful and welcoming to you. You can also get very involved in clubs and things and really be apart of Lakeland's family.
I spent my entire life enrolled in the Lakeland School District, from the experiences I've had the quality of education is decent, the teachers are to fault for their quote on quote styles of teaching. AP class teachers were all quality teachers however. The school physically is small compared to the student body and they add more doors into the hallways making them even smaller. The bathrooms are gross and aren't in the best condition the toilets are the only things that work properly. The food served has no real nutritional value and seem very cheap. Overall the school is safe and the quality of ones education is determined by the teachers they are put with.
Lakeland Central School District overall is a great district! There are plenty of resources available to students and parents. The faculty and staff make sure that all of the students are in the best shape possible- mentally and physically. Most importantly, the academics is out of this world. The education really prepares students for the next grade level and even college. They make sure that students are ahead in every way, shape, and form. The only thing that they may change is the administration listening to the students more for what they want, and bringing in more diversity. Other than that, Lakeland Central School District is fantastic.
As a school district, I would rate Lakeland as OK. It does offer many advanced classes but the priority here is sports. There is a lot of help for students with needs. Guidance services are poor, especially when preparing for College exams and testing. Teachers are "hit or miss".
I went to Lakeland Central School District all my life, from kindergarten to senior year. I went to Van Courtlandville Elementary School, Copper Beech Middle School, and Walter Panas High School. Van Court was a decent school the administration was strict and 1 sided, I did not enjoy the elementary school. Copper Beech was a better school more freedom, and better staff. Panas was by far my favorite school, great staff, and alot of freedom for the students. While certain sports are not as supported by the district as others, such as the hockey team, which costs the players about $1,000 a year to play.
I attend Lakeland High School, a school primarily athletics based yet academically challenging depending on the courses students take. It is incredibly easy to skate by through relatively easy courses, however students can take more difficult courses and challenge themselves if the initiative is taken. Athletics are prized over academics most of the time, yet debate club and FBLA are also very popular. I am part of the science research program, and not many students join this class. I am currently in my senior year, and I am the only senior as well as the only one with a research project. Overall, Lakeland has plenty to offer as long as the initiative is taken by the student.
I attended Ben Franklin, Copper Beech Middle School, and Lakeland High School and received a wonderful education. These schools have helped me become a better writer, reader, and an overall well-rounded person. I have had amazing teachers throughout my education at these schools who have inspired me to become a teacher as well. The schools in the district all celebrate diversity and the importance of accepting others even if they are different from you. They have taught me the importance of working hard and earning good grades. Recently, many teachers have been retiring so I hope that the district continues to hire teachers of the same quality that I had when I was attending. The district has endless activities and sports for children to take part in and have a strong sense of community. They encourage students to take part in activities outside of school and show how wonderful it can be to be part of a team.
I grew up in the Lakeland School District. It was childhood, i had so many friends and the teachers were like my parents. They cared about the students so much. There was never problems and if there were, they were quickly resolved with the principle. I felt welcomed and i loved this district so much. My dream was to grow up and become a teacher in the district I really always wanted to stay near the district. I have so many friends that i call my family in the in district. After every year ended, i would always cry knowing that i was going to see the same people 2 months later, it just felt like i was not going to see them for years. There is no way i can give a bad review on this district. This was my second home and if i could relive it i would. If I could I would love to relive my 12 years in this district all over again.
Safe environment, lots of clubs and afterschool activities. Most of the teachers are very committed and well prepared.
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I atteneded Lakeland Central School District almost my entire life. Moving to the area was probably one of the best decisions my family made. I've learned several things while attending the elementary school Lincoln Titus, the middle school Cooper Beech and the high school Walter Panas high school. The staff was wonderful. The teachers were great. Overall, attending schools in the lakeland Central School District are highly recommended by me because your child will be in the right shape when attending college and they will benefit from all that is learned within the district.
My experience in the Lakeland Central School District was an amazing one. The teachers were always welcoming and eager to help students and learn more about them individually.
School and staff was great no regrets i still go back there whenever i am home to visit to thank them for how well they prepared me for college
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