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Lake Zurich Community Unit School District No. 95 Reviews

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I felt incredibly prepared for college after taking many honors courses at Lake Zurich High School, along with a couple AP credits. They do a very good job of teaching on a challenging level that gives students a great knowledge base to build off.

I also really loved how competitive our sports teams were! It was always fun participating in them and watching my friends play!
My experience with the school district has been mostly positive. The sports programs have had issues in the past but I think they are doing better now.
Lake Zurich offers a lot of programs for every type of student. Almost every student is involved in some extra curricular weather it is one of the many state ranked sports teams, outstanding theater and music department, or one of the many student run and organized clubs. Also, most teachers really prepare you for the next level and almost all of them care for you as a person too. Lake Zurich also offers many resources to help students out like the English and math/science resource rooms. Plus most teachers are very willing to meet with you outside of class to help you with whatever you need. There is always room for improvement but lake Zurich has a great start.
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From my past three years at LZHS, I have only experienced positive and supportive teachers, caring facility members, and easy-to-connect-with students. These qualities make it easy to fit-in and feel like you belong at LZHS.
Great environment for learning and preparing for a higher education! The teachers are awesome and always provide help. Facilities are also relatively new. Many clubs and activities to join!
I would like to see better math teachers and more support from administration for the students. I feel sometimes the administration heavily restricts students in areas where it was unnecessary.
I want to see the way the school is run to be changed. There are many problems. For example, detentions seem to hold way more weight than bullying cases. Many of my friends have been pushed aside, or the actual problems in the high school aren’t solved. The deans are more worried about who gets a detention rather than a bully.
I feel so privileged to be apart of a school that integrates students into bettering themselves and reaching academic success. Also, if a student is found struggling with a subject our school offers many resources with teachers there to help students understand and improve on a subject. Lake Zurich High School is comprised of great kids, teachers, programs, community integration and much more. I believe that Lake Zurich High School will continue to plant the seeds of effective learning. But just like every school their is room for improvement even if it’s a smallest thing. I think my school should change its library system and make it more appealing to us millennials because now a days less students are reading from hard solid books because the selections of books aren’t appealing to most.
I have been apart of District 95 almost my whole life and I would not want it any other way. There are many great aspects to our community as a whole, not even just the schools. I have only ever heard great feedback from all the schools, which sends positive reinforcement to other districts also.
Not much of a fan of District administrators. My teachers though were great. I never had an issue getting help. I felt like I was treated with respect. Very supportive of students and their thoughts.
Will say the iPad program is great. District provided iPads for all students. How nice was that?
District 95 has a a lot of teachers that are good teachers and really care if their students do well. They also have a few teachers that aren’t very good and should be replaced. Those teachers don’t know the material well enough to teach, they are slow to grade and some have poor attitudes.
One of the things I liked the most about my school was the willingness to accept change. My freshman year, It felt like the entire student body of upperclassmen was out to get me. It felt like we were universally disliked. The administration and student leadership at the school realized changes needed to be made, so they implemented things like an all-student student section, dress up theme days for the entire school, and positions for the upperclassmen to mentor the underclassmen. As a Senior now I think the culture is much improved and now view us as one united student body. The school also has all the resources you would need to succeed in school, along with a thriving arts program and well funded sciences.
I like that the school is very new and renovated. The school is in a good area. Lake Zurich is very good at sports. There are many after school activities. I would like to see changed is some teachers talk politics everyday.
The student council was very poorly run. The student body had no say on who or what the council did. Which is odd because the student council is supposed to be a representation of the student body.
I have been a part of LZCUSD 95 since I was 5. I do feel that I am somewhat prepared for college, but I wish that I was learning things that would help me in the real world. This could include: buying a house, taxes, getting a job. This would not include: limits, how a ship represents a city, the weight of a beetle; these are the things that we learn at LZHS and I would like to see that change.
I really liked LZHS because everyone is friendly and seems to get along. There are many diverse kids at my school and everyone is open to how different we can be. The teachers are great and they have a good open door policy and they always make time for us. The food is actually decent and even a picky eater will find something in the cafeteria. There are plenty of sports and clubs for everyone and its a safe area with plenty of student parking.
I have grown up, more or less, on LZ schooling. It is a rich school, not overly so, but well off. The facilities are mildly dated and the food is generally to be avoided (except sushi day). LZ excels in creating an excellent atmosphere for students, which is what really matters for education. The teaching staff is incredible, truly some of the best humans on the planet. They understand how to teach interestingly on the whole and engage classes. I was also privileged to receive an iPad which has been helpful, but not perfect. The school is full of spirit and has relatively few incidents; the widely reported scandals are important, but not very reflective on the teachers and students as a large group
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My favorite thing about Lake Zurich High School is definetly the community. I've met all of my closest friends in High School and going to sporting events and talent shows and plays are so much fun! Also, the faculty is amazing. Every single teacher I've had had taught me so much. I feel as if I am extremely prepared for college. The student resources are an extremely helpful tool for learning. The math/ science resource center has been a lifeline for me and I think that every school should put in place a similar tool if they do not have it already. The recent installation of Studio C is also a great factor for group projects/ a place to hang with friends and study and be able to talk without being yelled at for speaking too loudly. Most students do not attend their study hall, so the only recommendation I would make is to allow students to sit in the cafeteria if there is no space in the library or studio c so they can work together.
I do like my school and have a lot of pride saying I attend Lake Zurich Highschool. The teachers are okay. I have had a few bad ones that made me want to drop out of school but other than that the academic part of it is decent. Sporting events are always fun to go to. I enjoyed my time here.
Great football program and excellent staff. I moved here for my senior year of high school and was able to have the fun experience that all seniors hope for.
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