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Lake Worth Independent School District Reviews

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Most of the teachers are very open with students and provide a great learning environment, though some teachers can be rude and nor very efficient in teaching new things to students.
Lake worth is a safe environment, however it can be every chaotic sometimes. I love all of my classes and I enjoy being in many organizations such as ( student council, book club, debate). The teachers do not seem happy to work there and I feel like they don’t believe in us.
My experience with the school has been quite satisfying I should say. The teachers are amazing and the student get along very well with each other. It's something you can not find somewhere else. Every student in the school works hard to accomplish their dreams and never fail to reach a certain goal. Our staff and athletes are like no others. We stay dedicated to the team and represent the bullfrogs to the end.
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I believe the teachers could help out a lot more and try harder. The students don’t have very much motivation.
I would like to see and increase in people caring. Nobody has any hope for anychange, so no one is making any changes and it is slowly going down hill.
This school can do better honestly. Some teachers dont teach your basically your own teacher. They only care about you because they make money off of us.
It’s a good school but some of the staff I apathetic and students don’t care enough to do anything in this school
Lake Worth is a good school district. They focus on us to be sucsessful in life and our careers for the future. They help us with our goals and show us ways to accomplish them. Most teachers are nice and involved with the students and care about what they are teaching. The college advisor is the best she has been the most helpful with college.
Lake Worth is not a good school to attend, they care more about anything else other than the students.
the students are rowdy and annoying while the teachers are unable to fix it because of new laws and restrictions
My experience at Lake worth High School is pretty good. All the teachers, students, helpers, and staff are all nice to one another. What I like about the school is that when theres a problem they help you with it and they don't just pysh you away. What i don't like about the school is that people talk down on it, even the people who go to the school and it makes everyone who goes there feel bad about themselves and the school they attend
Unsatisfactory in academics. A lot of students leave the district before they join high school. Staff can be rude and condescending, they always prefer students that perform well in band, choir, or athletics over those who excel in academics.
The fine arts department, in my opinion is very very good for our sized school and budget, however small. Our athletics really needs some good coaches, it is lacking severely in a good relationship with the kids, which ends up resulting in better performance. For the most part I really think our teachers are very good, but they lack support with they’re teaching. I think if they were allowed to teach how they like, still going off TEKS and curriculum. They have the full potential to do something great but they’re held back somehow by the bosses. I don’t know how, but I’m certain.
Lake worth is just straight up a ghetto boxing ring now. The kids there act like they dont want to learn and rather smoke on campus, fight and talk back to the teachers. I wish everyone would be engaged in learning instead of making this school look super bad. Also the school spirit is super low..
In Lake Worth Independent School District, there's many positive aspects to it. It has an atmosphere centered around preparing students to have a college/career/military plan for after they graduate. The teachers work hard to ensure that the students understand the material given to them. And the success of the clubs and activities is incredible. These not only keep students on the right path, but also provide skills and assets you can't get in regular classrooms.
I recently moved here from another state and compared to my other school, there wasn't much discipline. The teachers were wonderful though.
The academics are bare minimum, and the counseling center did not do much to get me ready for college life. Most of the school focuses on academics, but while I was there, the only things that students excelled on was fine arts. The fine arts teachers make sure to help all of their students, as well as teach them to the best of their ability. The front office was great, but our administration was not great, especially the principal, who I believe is now gone. Overall, there was a lack of enthusiasm throughout the student body.
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I liked the small community at lake worth high school. I would like to see a better recruitment of teacher and more diversity in the future.
The academics are bare minimum in terms of college readiness. There are a few AP teachers who do very well, but I've heard of assignments like having two weeks to complete a 2 page essay. I did really enjoy my extracurriculars, the fine arts department is pretty successful. School spirit is almost nonexistent.
lake worth school district is not a great place to get your schooling done. teachers are grabby, rude, unprofessional. Many teachers leave because of the environment.
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