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The Administration there is very poor. They are very quick to blame to excuse themselves of things. For example the multiple rape cases at their schools but because they were important athletes they did nothing about it. They are so fixated on rules and being head honcho that they won't change something to benefit the students. They are not their to help students they are just there to be paid.
I loved how much they care for their students and staff. Lake Washington is constantly giving surveys to staff and students, in order to ensure our well being. They have made changes to the schedule, such as adjusting study hall times and styles, and adding another period onto the day, in order to give student the biggest opportunity for academic success. Not only that, but the my school in particular, Eastlake, is so focused on school spirit and the happiness of students.
As a student in the Lake Washington School District, I have enjoyed most of my experience while attending school. I would like to see a better administration at the high school level, along with counseling and counselors.
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Love the teachers at Redmond High School, very helpful and also entertaining. Nice school buildings too around the district.
I would like to see classroom space, the ruling recently passed for 7 period classes was NOT backed up by the rejection for more classroom space and it is a catastrophe.
LWSD is an amazing district they are very helpful and kind. All of the staff works so hard to make sure each student and parent gets exactly what they need and the best education for them.
Lake Washington School District is nothing special. I currently attend Lake Washington High School and it has been nothing special. My experience has been not great but not terrible. I have found that I spent my time just going to school and then coming home. I never enjoyed coming to school but I never dreaded it either. The classrooms are nice because our school is newer than others and many of the teachers are good at teaching but they aren't inspiring. The counselors have been much help but the administration seems to only care about the graduation rate at our school which has made things a little difficult because there is no feeling that they actually care about our learning.
I loved LWSD. The staff has always been very good people and the academics are spot on. There were some problems with student counseling not being very helpful, but the district themselves offered help. My sisters and I have all been only in LWSD for all our schooling and its been a great experience for all of us.
Our school has very good academics but is adding a lot of unnecessary class periods. They change the graduation requirements too often to keep up.
I moved to the state of Washington during the summer and I currently attend Eastlake High School. The transition into school was extremely painful as no one helped me with adapting to a new school environment. I was put in classes that I did not request, I was not shown my way around the school, my counselor did not know who I was, I was told last minute that I had to meet graduation requirements as soon as possible, I was put in classes with entirely freshmen students and I am a senior, the list goes on. I felt helpless and it was really difficult for me to break into the school life here. The administration must improve on welcoming and helping new students to their school.
I like the amount of resources the district gives to students for research and homework. They could use a little work on communication though.
LWSD provides a quality education with a diverse range of schools including "choice" schools. Most facilities, clubs, teachers and courses are well above state and national averages.
I like the modern technology that is used in our schools. However, the start times are too early and we don't get enough sleep.
I liked the efforts made to always improve the individual schools, although I feel that LWSD could use improvement with their decision making during emergencies, the administration choices and actions, and the food at lunch.
I have been a member of the Lake Washington School District since 1st grade. In that time, I have attended 4 different schools, and I can't say enough good things about the teachers and the academic programs they are pioneering to create the best opportunities possible for students!
I really like the Lake Washington School District. I feel like they employ a lot of good teachers as well as providing the students with a wide range of recourses. Many of the schools have been updated recently which makes the students feel proud of their school. There are so many helpful people around and everyone is very friendly.
LWSD is a very good school district. The teachers are amazing and really care about their students. The curriculum is very good and effectively prepares students for college. The schools push students to do their best, but still put an emphasis on the students overall well-being by creating a positive school culture and making sure no student gets left behind.
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Lake Washington School District is the district I grew up in when I first moved here to Washington State. It has given me the opportunity to succeed and the resources needed to step into college. School faculties is always helpful and supportive towards students success and overall school experience.
It is a very good school district. It makes learning fun and academic. I am a student there and feel like I am receiving a great learning experience.
Having spent 7 years in the school district, I can safely say that this is certainly one of the best in Washington state. The teachers at my particular high school, Tesla STEM High School, are all engaging and easy to get along with. In addition to that, there are plenty of opportunities outside of school provided by the district that help to garner new experiences. The majority of the students are very friendly, which applies to almost any school in this district, and the faculty are always very helpful. Ultimately, the only downside I have noticed is the food quality and the lack of resource maintenance in regards to materials used for science labs or educational tasks.
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