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Most teachers don’t know or care about teaching this generation and almost all of the administrators hate kids. Students don’t feel welcome by staff and only athletics are funded.
I love the teachers, they have an amazing academics program, and a great football team. The only thing I would like to see change is the staffs understanding of students needs. For example, the school will not let a student drop down from an AP course to a regular course.
The teachers at Lake Travis are pretty good and care about what they do. I have only gotten a few bad teachers in my four years. The sports are very competitive, so we have very good teams all around. Despite these positives, there are about 3200 students at our school, so all classes and the hallways are very crowded.
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Not very good at selecting teachers that actually care. Good food and good sports. Every year the time spent in school is increased and some sort of free time is taken away. Clubs are restricted to 1 day every two weeks. Most teachers are pretty good.
I liked how the teachers were all very intelligent and dedicated to their jobs. They truly wanted to see students succeed.
lots of people do drugs, classes are extremely large (math this year was 47). extremely large campus (1/2 mile between cafeterias). very tech friendly in most classes, hope you don’t get a coach for a teacher or you’ll have a sub more than half the time because football is the only thing that matters.
I am very privileged to be able to attend such a beneficial and wonderful school district. With 9 schools within the area, over 10,000 students are able to attend school. All of the teachers in the district are devoted to their teachings, and spend the majority of their time trying their hardest to give their students the education they deserve. In fact, over 50% of the teachers hired have over 10 years of experience; and over 95% of high school students end up graduating at the end of their 4 year enrollment in the high school. If the numbers given aren't impressive enough, the schools are very focused on volunteering, and giving back to the community. All students at the high school are encouraged to graduate with 100+ hours of volunteer work. Overall, this school district is amazing and I am so grateful to be able to attend one of such beneficial value.
Their are many opportunities at Lake Travis with clubs and diverse class options which gives students an opportunity to get involved in subjects they like. Lake Travis has a slight problem with controlling bullying though.
It is the best. As a single mom with a low income, my child was still able to participate in so many activities. These along with her academics got her into the University of Texas, McCombs Sshool of Business!
Good school as far as college preparation and access to top notch sports. Sadly, the teachers (coaches) often don’t put forth effort in “regular” classes. Luckily, the student who go here are highly competitive and have learned to teach themselves.
The classes are great and so are the teachers. However, the day to day operations are poor due to there not being enough counselors to handle it. For example, the dual credit students are rarely notified for important due dates or procedures and sometimes the class will not have a substitute when needed!
The school district has offered great support throughout my Kindergarten through senior year as a student with multiple learning disabilities in Dyslexia, reading comprehension/retention, and short/long-term memory retention.
Lake Travis is a very large suburban school district on the west side of Austin. Parent involvement is high, teacher strength is strongest in lowered grades. A very sports focused community. Overall a positive experience.
I consider myself very lucky to attend Lake Travis High School. The campus is spacious, with new facilities and plenty of resources.
When it comes to athletics, we can’t be beat. Literally—our school won the state championship in football last year! LTHS has every sport you can think of, but we also have plenty of clubs to join if athletics isn’t your thing. I’m historian for my Model United Nations club and Editor of our Yearbook Department. The best part about LTHS, though, is the faculty. I’ve had amazing teachers who are very passionate about their jobs and care deeply about their students. I’ve built strong relationships with many of them and talk regularly with ones from previous years. I’m happy that I can honestly say that I’ve never had a teacher that I didn’t like at LTHS. The only downside about my school would be the lack of diversity at my school and I definitely hope that changes soon. Otherwise, LTHS is a great school and I highly recommend it!
I have been in LTISD all my life. I really like it because most of the people are friendly and helpful, the teachers are all very passionate about their jobs, and the administration has been amazing even through the transitioning period of principals, from Brents to Butler. Mr. Butler is also a great principal, he is great with the kids, finding the perfect balance between friend and authority figure. I do feel that Lake Travis however overdoes the sports programs. Football mostly gets the funding, while the academic department still uses 20 year old textbooks. I personally like having a textbook in front of my face while doing work, and I can say that at 3 of my four core classes do not have one. This isn't as big of deal to some people, but a visual learner myself, a textbook is a necessity.
I like the value you place on the students, but I wish that there was more focus on education and other activities than sports.
The district is great. There isn't much I can compare it to because I have lived here all my life, but I have turned out just fine, so it must be good enough to do that.
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I was able to develop great relationships with teachers and friends at Lake Travis High School. I was able to learn and accomplish my goal of getting into a highly competitive university based on my education at Lake Travis High School. There is a huge emphasis on sports. Students, especially males, are shown favoritism and allowed to break rules to the point I was tempted to file a Title IX complaint against Lake Travis High School. I got what I needed to succeed from LTHS to succeed in college, but there is a lot of improvement needed to at the administrative level for this school.
Lake Travis is an excellent school for anything from academics to sports. The classes challenge the students in a college preparatory manor. They also have a great teacher to student ratio, making sure your kid gets the attention they may need. My only complaint is that because LT ranks so high in academics, it's very hard to get a good class rank. Even with a 3.8 GPA I was still in the second quartile, which doesn't sit well with me considering some colleges have the "top 10%" admission rule. Despite that the sports are amazing and the whole community gets involved. From the football team to the drill team, this school is top notch.
I've had lots of fun in high school here. However, I wish that other students be more considerate of others.
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