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Lake Travis Independent School District Reviews

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As a student the school is pretty good, but it is so difficult to stand out or feel like my voice is heard when there are so many students there.
I definitely loved the atmosphere and the staff! I would definitely change the learning structure though.
I have loved how kind all of the teachers and administrators are. I would like to see more school spirit and a carnival!
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I am a junior at Lake Travis High School and it’s a good school. There are some fantastic teachers and some who are less motivated but for the most part the teachers are very good. The higher level courses you take the more dedicated and higher quality teachers you get. I recommend pushing your children to take AP classes, they can be challenging but depending on what subjects your child is good at, it might not be too hard for them and it can help save you money and possibly test out and get college credit. The school itself is very big, if you’re moving in sometimes it’s hard for your child to make new friends because there are just so many kids and it can be overwhelming. I would encourage them to take part in clubs, sports, or specific classes they have interests in to meet people who have similar interests, and I’m sure many of the faculty and teachers would love to be an ally for your kid during the acclimation period of being at a new school.
A good experience, above average sports, facilities, ffa program, arts etc. Teachers are overall good, but some aren't as generous as others.
I think in general it is a very good district, where many people can have a great school experience from elementary to high school, but like most public school institutions there are faults which make it flawed. The biggest worth mentioning is found in the high school mostly, where due to its sheer size it is had to get individual attention or guidance unless lots of effort is put in.
I liked the rigor of the material and feel like the curriculum does a good job preparing students for college. I made great connections with some teachers, which is very important.
Lake Travis ISD is a large yet great school district. It can be very competitive and demand hard work, but it also provides students with incredible opportunities and academic options.
I transferred my freshman year of high school and I had a good experience. Its a huge school though which can be a little overwhelming.
Overall Lake Travis ISD is a great district, they push students to do their very best at a higher expectance.
Lake Travis ISD has strong leadership accustomed to high involvement expectations of parents. They provide excellent opportunities for the students in all areas - academics, electives, clubs, sports. The administration is also pro-active and supportive of their teachers and staff making for a highly coveted work place.
Great district, very community oriented, the administration is doing a good job in a fast growing district!!
This is a great school. Very welcoming teachers and fantastic academics. Athletics are also very highly regarded here.
Lake Travis HS is a pretty good school overall. The teachers I have had over the past 4 years are warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. They have complete respect for their students, allowing students to feel safe and valued when expressing their ideas and opinions in class.
It's your stereotypical American high school except a lot richer, and have more access to drugs and alcohol. The teachers aren't the best but you can tell that most of then try.
Heavy focus on sports, particularly football, sometimes at the expense of education. If your child is not top tier, not likely to get a spot. You also need to advocate for your kids, if at either end of the spectrum (gifted or special needs). High school counselors are not meeting with incoming freshman to select classes, due to the size of class, but are 'available' for questions. It's hard for counselors to get to know your kids for college recommendations; my daughter had 3 different counselors in 4 years. Fine Arts does well, but seems to take a back seat to athletics in terms of school support and financing. Academics are solid, some teachers better than others.
I would like to see the school focus more on the extracurricular activities such as orchestra and band.
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I mostly enjoyed my experience as a student in the Lake Travis Independent School District because of some of the kind and passionate staff members, though I disliked how the funds were allocated at Lake Travis High School.
Although the academics at Lake Travis High school are great and above average, GPA and football are the only two thing the administration cares about. Art teachers are paying out of pocket for their students' supplies while football players and coaches are treated like gods. If they do anything wrong it is swept under the rug and never punished. They do not care about the general student population. Kids complain about the incredible stress the school is pushing on them but admins push AP classes and the need for a 4.0 even harder. Overall this school broke me.
Excellent school. Top notch academics.
Really set me up to succeed in college and gave me the tools to achieve.
Excellent opportunities to earn college credits.
Some of the very best athletic programs in the nation. From one of the best football teams in the nation to top notch up and coming sports. There is a sport or club for all activities.
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