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Excellent teachers who take the time to ensure you succeed in their class and in life. Lake Stevens also provides excellent and open communication with parents.
Overall the academic programs at Lake Stevens school district are great. A large number of AP courses are available, as well as interesting electives like Forensics and Biotechnology. The sports programs at the school are very good as well, and the luch is as good as one expects at a public school. The course requirements are a bit stringent, so one can only really do fun electives if they are on top of their schoolwork. Also, the new faculty has been decreasing the 'fun' assemblies and traditions as of late, but this is not too much of a detriment as it is only at the high school.
Very good supportive staff from elementary to high school. Frequent improvements due to state funding. Their curriculum is above average compared to other districts. They should be a bit more selective on the teachers they hire.
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I attended Lake Stevens school district schools from K-12. I like that the schools are all in a small town. Most everyone knows everybody. What I would like to see change is the mid high. This was supposed to be a second high school and has remained a mid high which breaks up our schools/grades more. The middle school is grade 6 and 7. The mid high is 8th and 9th and then you proceed to high school which is 10th through 12th. I would like to see the standard middle school at grades 6th-8th and the high school a full 4 years from grades 9th to 12th.
Teachers have always been caring and informative. The athletic department has an amazing reputation, and everyone is here to support each other.
I have had a great experience in Lake Stevens School district, attending from 1st grade to 12th grade.
Lake Stevens School District is an outstanding environment filled with encouraging teachers and staff. Everyone consistently pushes students to succeed.
I loved how the staff made me feel so welcome, it was definitely a home away from home. I went through a difficult time back in high school and my administrators and teachers went out of their way to help me have a smooth transition back into school.
The teachers and athletics certainly make Lake Stevens, Lake Stevens. The student leadership program keeps everyone in the school involved during things like spirit week and gets everyone excited for the athletic events. Our superfan section is unlike any other at football games and is spectacular to see and be a part of.
Lake Stevens School District has a balance of good and bad. Fantastic teachers, a decent education, nice high school atmosphere; the school spirit and the quirky teachers make learning fun. My 9th grade teacher was my sassy grandmother, 10th grade history teacher a quick-witted uncle. Some of my teachers truly cared about my education and encouraged me. A home-school option allowed me to escape the tortures of middle school. But the district also could be careless. My 4th grade teacher kept me in from recess/library visits due to my ADHD pulling me behind. My elementary school councilor’s idea of a solution for social issues was "watch Hannah Montana". Scoliosis destroyed my back and I was forced to struggle through PE to get an A. This same district allowed my brother to get bullied and only did something about it when his arm got broken. The mid-high had such an oppressive atmosphere that I got depression at the end of 9th grade. So that’s the good and bad of my school district.
the teachers force you into believing there is only 1 right way to do things its all a bunch of stuck up rich kids who live on the lake if you are being bullied the school will not help no matter how many times you ask and when you do finally do something about it they tell you that you should have just told them something was happening
Firstly at lake stevens high school, there is not enough room for the growing community. Hallways are crowded, classes are overflowing into portables, the senior section is half gym floor during assemblies, etc. There are approximately 1200 students at lake stevens high school. However small the facilities are, the student body makes up for with school spirit though. The super fans fill up the stadium at football games and there is a sea of purple and gold. I have loved my time at the lake stevens high school and I was well prepared for it from the district.
I am a soon to be senior at Lake Stevens and my high school experience has been great so far, I have experienced amazing/ crazy school spirit at our sporting events, joined in the school musical, became my schools co-president for FCCLA club, became a big viking which is where we mentor young kids at the elementary schools with problems at home, became a link leader which is someone that gets the chance to show new students around school and all these opportunities have brought an amazing mix of friends into my life.
I am so grateful that I got to go to school in Lake Stevens. From my first day of kindergarten to the last day of my senior year of high school, I was surrounded by staff and teachers who wanted to see me succeed. I had created bonds with my teachers that will last a lifetime. Not only was the emphasis on academics incredible, the school district really brings in the community of Lake Stevens. The sports programs through the high school brought the school district together with the community of Lake Stevens in an amazing way. I am so thankful for the education I received from the Lake Stevens School District. If it wasn't for the amazing district and incredible support from teachers and staff, I wouldn't be attending my dream college.
I love Lake Stevens School District. I have only ever been to Lake Stevens schools and I have loved every single one of my teachers. The teachers care about their students and truly want them to succeed. The schools are make sure that each and every student's needs are being met socially and academically.
I've really enjoyed being in this district and attending Lake Stevens High school. They made the transition from my old private school to this school district really easy and I always felt welcome.
I loved going to lake stevens school district. I went k-12. In my last year of high school, I took Horticulture both semesters. This class and Ms. Bochan changed my life. It was my first real introduction to working with plants. But the following year, after i graduated they replaced my beloved class with robotics. Even though i was graduated by this time, I was strongly disappointed. The class was around from the 1980s to 2015. It was the only class that was hands on learning about how the natural world works. I learned so much information that i carry on to my college career path. Because of Ms. Bochan and her class, I am getting my Bachelors in Environmental Policy. With 98% of scientists now backing global warming, we need more natural science classes in schools.
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One of the best High School out there in United States. I feel very welcome when I was getting my education. I come across this High School when I was only been to United States for 2 years and I was so impressed how nice every body are. Especially the teachers, they all were helpful and understanding. I also manage to improve my english and swimming skills through Lake Stevens High School. The only downside is that the food were unhealthy. The rest was awesome, if I ever have children, definitely will try to send them there.
I really enjoyed Lake Stevens School District, I have had some of my best memories there. I met my close and amazing friends there. Everyone has so much spirit and support for there fellow students and its an overall great environment.
Absolutely, the most phenomenal school district. I am grateful for my experience Kindergarten throughout High School all in LSSD. The teachers care about your success and very welcoming to all students.
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