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Lake Station Community Schools Reviews

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I love how is was like a family everyone has been growing up with everyone else in their class since kindergarten and I’m proud to say I know everyone by their names but bullying and discrimination has gotten alittle out of hand I personally love my experience but my children won’t be attending
I have had a great experience at this school district. Everyone is friendly and willing to help. The teachers are very knowledgable. I recommend this school to anyone that is looking for a great experience.
My experience at lake station schools began my mid freshman year. I transferred from my previous school, due to unplanned circumstances. At lake station, the teachers showed empathy towards their students and prepared them for post high school. They would even sacrifice their personal time to tutor you if you were in jeopardy of falling behind your peers. I also was a three sport athlete like my athletes at the low populated school. My success came mostly from my wrestling asset. Before coming to lake station, I had never been involved in organized sports or clubs. That made me more out-going and diligent.
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A nice community school system not the best but not the worst after all the teachers care about you and won't let the students get bullied
My experience with Lake Station Community Schools was quite average and not very challenging. While I did have a few amazing teachers who taught the curriculum exceptionally and made sure I succeeded, I feel that overall my experience was not very challenging and motivating and that I was cheated out of my education. I loved how close-knitted the community was, though. Everyone was generally kind to one another.
I have gone to this school district my entire life and have never had a real problem! I am satisfied with my overall experience, but the administration and parental involvement really lacks, and some of the student body is not great but that is for every school.
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