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Lake Shore Public Schools (Macomb) Reviews

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As a senior at Lake Shore, my time here has been valuable. The teachers are caring and put your interests first while helping you succeed. I am not in any sports, but from the outside point of view, they are decent but are improving every year. Overall throughout my fastly approaching last couple months, I will greatly miss being able to attend this high school.
I love Lake Shore and will always be a Shorian, but they need to give more homework and prepare kids better for college.
Would like for schools to not be part of school of choice option. More activities needed, both extracurricular and educational. Would like to see a more diverse teacher population.
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I like that the school offers different classes for students wants and needs. I dislike the fact that the counselors don't offer college advice unless contacted.
It's a smaller school, so there are more opportunities. Most teachers are willing to help you if you ask.
Lake Shore High School does NOT get you ready for college. There are barely any AP classes that you can take. Some teachers are great but others are horrible and do not teach you the material needed. Career tech classes like Dental and Building for renovations are the only classes that prepare you for the real world. Core classes are too easy and teach you the bare minimum. Tests or homework are not hard enough to study for. The school is very diverse because it promotes school of choice and brings about 100 Chinese students over each year to study at Lake Shore. Counselors at Lake Shore are rarely in their office and when they are they do not help you with what you need. Sports are very poor at Lake Shore because we are considered a class A school but are school enrollment and graduating classes cannot even compare to other class A schools around Macomb and the rest of Michigan.
I was a student at lakeshore for all of elementary up throughout high school. I enjoyed my time and feel I have a good sense of what they can and cannot do.
Classes do not prepare you for college. Small school district has pros and cons. Not a very strict or challenging school.
Switched to the high school the summer before my junior year, it's now two years since and I can happily call myself an alum. All in all, the school is what you make of it - as is the case for most any school. If you put forth the effort, if you don't; your grades will reflect that. Same thing with teachers, whether you like them is largely dependent on you, and how you present yourself; respectfully, disrespectfully or otherwise. Although I will say that teachers here seemed fairly tolerant of the intolerant, and if anything, often tried to help them.

Facilities could improve, but it seems they're working on it so time will be the one to show that change.
The teachers and staff were amazing at Lake shore. They provided me with opportunities to become a better person and achieve my dreams. One thing I would like to see changed is the sports and how those are handled.
My experience with lake shore public schools was great the teachers are great and do there best to help you when in need. The staff members are very carrying and do there best to help students. When attending school there i never had any problems or felt unsafe for any reason regarding the schools staff and it's students. There's always fun events going on around the school year including feild trips, clubs, community service activities, cookouts, sports games and friendly competitions held by the school. I really enjoyed attending school there and im happy that i went here than another school.
Fun helpful staff, Nice administration. Some students needed an attitude adjustment though. Diversity was small, the chinese exchange program they have helps with that. They also have a career field experience class that lets high schoolers get first hand experience with their field of interest.
I had a pretty good experience with this school district so far. I've been in it for going on 8 years. I feel the teachers really do put the student's best interests first and always make an effort to help us with our future. The school has awesome activities that help bring people together, and teaches us many valuable life lessons. I'm very happy that I'm in this school district and I don't think there's much they could change. The only thing I feel they could do is maybe even push students a little harder.
I love the hometown feel of Lake Shore and all the teachers and staff are so friendly and ready to help you. I have not run into one teacher during my whole time at LakeShore that I didn’t like, the teachers are all there to help students succeed and be the best they can be. I wouldn’t change anything of my years at Lake Shore schools!
Lake Shore Public Schools puts students first in every situation. Lake Shore is known for doing what is best for students and doing what will benefit them the most in the long run. One thing that I hope to see change in the near future with Lake Shore is that students come together more. We are the change this world hopes and wants to see and this is a great place to start.
I like how texhnology is used almost everyday and how the teachers really get to know the kids. I think to improve the school they should help prepare the kids for college more.
I liked that they could be occasionally laid back, but could get you motivated if they thought you were slacking. They didn't have good food most of the time. They didn't have very many clubs, but by the time I graduated, they had many options to choose from.
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Lake Shore Public Schools is truly the place to be. Students come first in every situation, which is something that many schools these days seem to lack. My personal experience with Lake Shore was nothing short of amazing. Lake Shore has an amazing faculty that is always connecting with their students to ensure they are getting what they need. There is a huge variety of clubs and activities for students to participate in, making it very diverse. Lake Shore holds a International Exchange agreement with a school in Beijing, China. Students of this school come to Lake Shore to learn about our culture and create bonds with the students. Lake Shore also hosts international exchanges with Spain, Germany, Italy, and China where students have the opportunity to learn about the other cultures of the world today. I had the opportunity to travel to Meinersen, Germany where I learned so much. Lake Shore is absolutely worth taking a look at.
Lake Shore High School has a great diversity in the way that they have exchange programs with all over the world and growing. These places include China, Italy, Spain, and Germany.
Lake shore is a pretty cool school. It is pretty diverse too which lets you meet people from even a different country. Most of the teachers are friendly but the school needs to be more safe
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