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I really enjoyed going to Lake Shore. The staff there are amazing. All the teachers that I had were always so nice and I could talk to them about anything. I learned a lot going to school here, and I will forever be grateful for all the people that I made connections with over the past few years attending this high school.
What I liked about Lake Shore is the people were kind and the teachers tried to help you as much as possible.
Lake Shore is a very diverse school district and the faculty and staff are promising when it comes encouragement. Teachers try to provide benefits for all students and strive to make them succeed.
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I love Lake Shore. Always a very positive experience and everyone is always helpful and positive. I feel I get all the support I need.
Lake Shore Central School District is a decent school district for any kid. Although in the high school, drug dogs are extremely common as the amount of drugs and paraphernalia of the sort is a bit high.
My school is very special to me its where I spend most of my time. We have a great diversity of students because many of the kids from the local Seneca Reservation attend our school. I am always involved in planning all the events in our school because I am a member of student government, I am also a 3 sport athlete.
During my time in the district I feel that I received a good education. The buses were prompt and the school itself was clean and well maintained. In my experience the teaching staff was dedicated and determined to provide us with the education we deserved. Although back when I attended I wasn't the most level headed individual I realize now that the resources I had were more than sufficient.
I have loved my four years at Lake Shore. When they tell you it flies by, it really does! Most teachers actually genuinely care about and for their students. I personally have a great relationship with most of my teachers. Overall, I think this school is great.
Lake Shore was a lovely school to learn and grow in! The teachers were caring and ready to help every step of the way, clubs and other after school activities gave those involved a good sense of community and support, and you’ve never seen a school come together more than Lake Shore during a homecoming game! My only issue with the school came from the lack of diversity. There was a definite absence of diversity in race, sexuality, and religion. So although in my graduating year I saw a lot more growth in my LGBTQ+ club, that sort of acceptance didn’t make its way through the entire school. I think if the facility took the time to talk about acceptance and understanding more, then some of the stigma that exists in some students might ease up.
There is no other school like this in Erie County; it is one of a kin, and every student is a person--not a number. It has one of the highest graduation rates in the county. Lake Shore has families that are wealthy, middle-class and students from struggling families, and every student is treated fairly and loved.
Great opportunities for student to achieve life experiences, through finance academy. Great teacher support.
I love Lake Shore. A lot of people are friendly. But the food is kinda iffy. I would recommend this school to others. There’s many different classes to take, multiply arts, music, technology, science and math. Theres teachers always there for you
Lake Shore is a fairly average upstate school. Graduating classes around 200 students, new construction projects taking place, fantastic counselors and teachers, and outstanding music and musical program, Lake Shore stands out in those regards. However, there is a cost. Not much money is flowing into the district, so cuts have been made. Our sport teams are nothing to note of. Administration has become a bit of an issue on a personal level, and "problem" students have no room to move up.
The freshman academy which teaches students real life skills like resume writing, dressing for success etc.
I just love the people there. When something comes up in our school, even if we're not the best of friends, we come together. We are a team at Lake Shore and it's just a wonderful environment to grow in.
My experience at Lake Shore Central School District has been one to remember. I remember that my first year of middle school, I did not have the best academic record, but every year after that, I kept improving. I finally was able to join the varsity swim team in 7th grade while keeping good grades. That is when I really started to realize that being a scholar, academically advanced and active will get you far in life. After all of my hard work, I am in my last year of high school, and feel very confident that I am physically and mentally prepared for the next phase of my life. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for my teachers, parents, coaches and friends. Even though you cannot really choose where you want to go to elementary, middle or high school, I am glad that I had the opportunity to be a Lake Shore Eagle.
Lake Shore is a very family friendly environment. The teachers make us feel like actual students and not numbers. Everyone knows everyone and rarely anyone is bullied. I would change nothing about lake shore
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I love how our teachers at Lake Shore do their best to make sure that all students have the resources to be successful and prepared for college. My counselor had done a great job helping me in the college selection process and answering all of my questions.
Lake Shore Central School District is fairly small which poses both pros and cons. For me, I like smaller classes and being familiar with everyone in my school. On the down side of that, smaller population means a less pool of kids to select for sports, musical and clubs. In some cases the population effects the activities because there is lack of participation and this leads to the cancelling of certain opportunities for students. Overall, my experience at Lake Shore in regards to academics exceeded my expectations. When it comes to the actual student life, Lake Shore unfortunately contains a few gaps that will hopefully be filled in the future.
I like the majority of the teachers, it's always a friendly atmosphere and my kids love it as well. I grew up in this district as well and My name is also on a plaque at the AJ Schmidt school for the second highest average of the school when I was in fourth grade! My kids find it exciting to see their mom up on the wall in the entrance way when they walk into school each and every morning!
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