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I would like to see the schools be more traditional, normal class periods, and more work that is not project based.
The school was very race friendly. They need to take much more action against bullying. They were not very proactive.
My daughter goes to calumet now but she and I didn't like lake ridge middle school at all. It seemed like teachers enjoyed giving kids Fs and it made them feel good about themselves. My daughter had a horrible 8th grade year and her teachers didnt care about her. They didn't want to take on sec to find out why she missed or why she didn't turn a paper in on time in English. They just would rather put he F down and keep moving. My problem as a parent when I saw Ms. Ivy the principal she didnt care to listen and she didnt care that everyone else was flunking English for the same reason. Again 8th grade sucked and it sucks as a parent knowing no one can go to the principal for any support.
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Honestly, I liked the idea of the "New Tech" and "Project-Based Learning" models. They help students learn skills like communication, team work, and accountability from a young age. I just believe that the teachers and the students need to be into it more so that it's even more effective!
My experience at calumet sucked. Teachers don't know what they are doing except for a few (mr. Brug, mr Watkins, ms. Grant, ms. Watkins) they don't prepare you for college yes they may help you with getting everything ready but they don't prepare you academically.
I'd like to see a lot change. Calumet New Tech High School could've done more to prepare me for college, like helping with scholarships and funding. I liked working in groups for the most part, as that's helpful in college.
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