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I have attended Lake Preston school all my life and believe I have received an excellent education. I like the small class sizes and the friendly teachers who are there to help you whenever you need help, including the summer while studying for ACTs!
I loved how I had so many opportunities to be involved at my time at the Lake Preston School District. The experience there really made it easy to know what I wanted to do when I left because of everything I was involved in.
I like the fact that the teachers are always there to help each and every student to do their best everyday. They are always pushing us to try harder and are getting us ready for the real world. They also help prepare us for college by doing things that get us college ready. I also feel very safe here because of the way that our school is and also because of the teachers that we have. One thing that I would like them to change about Lake Preston is their school lunches because sometimes they are bad and other times they are good.
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I have gone to this school all my life. A few things come to mind. Sports are overemphasized, while academics get little reward. Being an athlete is more important than being an ambitious student. As for clubs, there aren't any besides FFA. It would be great to see more clubs created or study groups start up. Being that bullying is a problem in all schools, this school is no exception. But the way the staff and teachers handle bad behavior is mostly about silencing the victim, especially if the offending student has a parent/relation on the school board/staff. Most students if they applied themselves or were ambitious academically, would be prepared for college, since sports are overemphasized, most students will not be ready for the work load associated with college. Parents are very little involved, except for sports, and helping pay for fundraisers.
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