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I attended Lake Placid Middle/High School from sixth grade to 12th grade and although sometimes school was tough, I overall would not change my experience there. Most of the teachers were invested in my future and my life outside of the class room. There we many extracurricular activities that anyone was able to join. I was involved in band, jazz band, soccer, softball, volunteering, and leadership. I always felt safe and bullying was for the most part under control. Class sizes and small which was good for class discussions and one on one time with teachers. There were a lot of school events too, such as, prom, winter carnival, and many other dances in-between. It was the perfects place to learn and grow.
I liked how close the community was. It was nice knowing everybody that you went to school with. The teachers also actually cared about you. They would notice if something was wrong. They were also very supportive of not only in school issues/problems, but with out of school as well. They were always willing to support students no matter what.
I graduated last year from Lake Placid Central School and currently in college for performing arts. Lake Placid is in a beautiful small towns and I'm so thankful for going to that school. Although it was small and didn't have classes like music theory in my high school career my learning experience there was priceless and the things I learned especially the the music program they had was grand. Mrs. Weems the chorus director and head of the department was my inspiration for this career I chose. She and Mr. Gotham an english teacher and director for Fall plays taught me everything I know about acting and performing. They gave me such a strong base coming into a very competitive performing arts conservatory. I love the faculty and staff! Great place for you kids to learn!
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All of my experiences at Lake Placid Central School have been positive. The teaching is very beneficial, and many resources are open to allow students to study what they enjoy.
Finally, I'm a senior at Lake Placid High School! I'm excited for my future and Lake Placid School has help me prepare for whatever comes next. Unfortunately, I felt ill prepared for applying to college. I wish that there was a class junior year, that would have helped me prep for college. It's definitely important to get an early start on college applications and I felt that Lake Placid failed at the task. However, I do really enjoy the school itself, it's small enough to allow you to have close relationships with the teachers yet big enough to have a good social environment.
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