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Lake Pend Oreille School District Reviews

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The atmosphere of Sandpoint high school is toxic. But as I have not attended any other high schools, I assume it is an average school
I feel that more programs should be offered to help Students who are struggling or have learning disabilities. I feel like some teachers move to fast and the students who struggle get left behind. I also feel like teachers should be more compassionate about students personal issue and be more willing to help them. They also need to take a different approach to students who participate in underage drinking and drug use.
This is my third high school. For a medium sized high school its not bad. The kids are friendly and have made me feel welcome. It helped that I played sports. I didn't think I would enjoy the block schedule but have come to enjoy it. I think this is a great opportunity for kids to have the chance to take more classes and really get an idea of what they would like to do in the future. The counselors have been great at offering assistance filling out the FAFSA and scholarships.
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Lake Pend Oreille School District is a highly supporting school. They treat both their staff and their students with great respect.
I appreciate that they push their students to achieve, but feel they forget the human side of being a teenager and the amount of home work given is often overwhelming.
I have 4 kids currently in the school district. I'd like to see more fundraisers, more volunteer opportunities, more family events. Some of the staff are really well trained, appreciative and supportive, while others are not so much.
The teachers are hands on and willing to work with every student when hey need help. There are many activities to help everyone be involved in school activities. And everyone is friends with everyone.
I feel for a small community and school, they offer a number of opportunities for the students. There are a number of different options for the students and chances to take advanced classes to humanity classes, PTE, to health education classes.
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