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Academic wise, this is a very rigorous but rewarding school. I found that I was given all the tools I needed to be successful, however, this is not a school that will hold your hand and help you the whole way. Because of this, I learned how to self advocate which is a very helpful life lesson
Generally good teachers and prepares students well for higher education. Students have access to the classic high school experience.

Lake Oswego School District lacks diversity and is an overall repressive environment for minority students. The district condones racism and dismisses its impact.
You will definately be ready for college at Lake Oswego. The teachers are great, and it's typical to be on the honor roll. As it's in a wealthier district, the facilities are excellent (and I believe we are about to get a new weight room). The problem with that is both the parents and the students are incredibly entitled. The student population is also about 80% white. The administration likes to try and involve itself in areas students can take care of themselves, such as Homecoming Court. Overall, it's an academically excellent school with some issues pertaining to student body and administration.
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The academics of Lakeridge High School, where I attend, are one of the best in the state. There is a wide variety of courses, allowing you to challenge yourself, relax, or just have fun. Challenging courses are very good at preparing students for college. Most of the teachers are good at their job and legitimately care about the students. As for extracurriculars, there's something here for everybody, no matter your interests. There's also a social group for everyone-- people rarely feel excluded or left out, and many students care about others even if they aren't in the same social group. While some things could improve, such as diversity and sports-- there are a lot of them, but none of our teams are particularly outstanding-- the Lake Oswego School District is largely a great one.
When I was in that district, I had almost no support. They thought I had a learning disability. They were wrong. So I had to spend a lot of time in the learning disability classroom. The teachers in there talked down to my the students. Because they thought I had a learning disability I was limited, I felt my curiosity dying a little. So I missed lots of opportunities. My only solace was theater class, the teacher was great. Two months into Lake Oswego High School, they sent me to Lakeridge High School. A school with a stricter learning disability class, it was awful. We were taught almost exclusively with outdated computer lessons, with almost no student, to student interaction. Just facts and lessons on a computer. In my opinion a disgrace to public education. About two weeks in Lakeridge High School, the teacher in a creepy move told me I needed to trust him. I could tell something was really wrong, so I told my family. They decided to pull me from school.
Very tight community that will stop at nothing to help any young adult. Teachers and staff spend many extra hours to plan for and help children outside of school hours.
lake oswego is a very welcoming community. the second i got there i was fought under by many fellow students and became very close friends with them. it's very cool to see how grade levels such as freshman sophomores etc don't really matter and a freshman can be friends with a senior and no one really thinks twice about it. everyone's just kinda friends. racism has been an issue at our school but we've definitely taken many steps to overpower those actions by certain students. overall the lake oswego school district is by far one of the best nkt only academically but socially.
Lake Oswego brings on a rigorous curriculum for its students. The experience of being at this school is an unforgettable one between the amazing teachers, competitive athletics, outstanding theater productions, and much more.
great diversity of people..this provides the opportunity to learn new things.. also so many electives are available which is the best thing and I was the most looking forward to
Lake Oswego School District is one of the top rated public school districts in the country. They have very good academics and all seniors leaving the district are extremely well prepared for college. The only thing the district is lacking as a whole is diversity since the population of Lake Oswego is predominately white.
They had so many great AP classes but the AP classes only taught to serve us for the test. It was nice because it helped us past the test to get free college credit, but it didn't help me to learn much from some of the classes. The teachers here are fantastic and really care about their students.
I love my high school. At Lakeridge you learn from teachers who genuinely love their jobs. The students are sincere and open, and the opportunities presented are so amazing. Whether you enjoy being on student government, playing sports, singing, acting, art, debate, or anything else, Lakeridge has that for you and tells you how to get there and how to be successful in whatever you're passionate about. A great place filled with great people.
This school district is fosters a very competitive atmosphere around the board, whether that is in academics, sports or all other extra curricular activities. As a college prep school so much of the school's motives are surrounded with the goals of getting in to a higher education system, occasionally getting in the way of the actual learning.
This District purports that they are all about Students, untrue. Many issues have arose that they don't address. I have an elementary student and a middle school student currently. Both schools have issues and the District does not address issues, nor do the administration at the specific schools. There is a serious lack of communication on both school levels and there is no parental inclusiveness nor any transparency. The district is asking the community to pass a three phase bond for new buildings and improvements to the tune of 531 Million Dollars, yet has not been transparent about what it's truly for and how it will be spent, where the students will be placed during rebuilds of schools etc. What if the bond doesn't pass in all three phases, no plan stated. At a point their will be an average of $900 more to all property tax owners taxes to cover all three bonds, most tax bills are currently half of tax going to LOSD. Plus the levy will be up for renewal in two years.
Lake Oswego School District has high level courses and a wide range of different classes. Although it's academics are great, however, its atmosphere and students are not. The pressure of doing well and going to college at our school has been the cause of sleep deprivation, high stress levels, and mental illnesses at our school, and is becoming a very prominent issue. Another issue that I have noticed at my school is discrimination against minorities. I would like to change the obligation to succeed at our school, and in some way let students know that it is ok to take only what is a comfortable workload for the year. I would also like to change the fact that minorities in race, religion, gender, and sexuality are openly made fun of at our school, and help people to become more accepted and comfortable. As a mixed race and queer student myself, I find acceptance is an important factor when one wants to be able to feel comfortable in their own learning environment.
Its a good school district. Most of the kids are nice. Even though there is some problems they do a good job of fixing them. Most all of the teachers want the best for you. Classes are a little long but that's ok. There is a lot of homework, and if you do it the test are easy.
I really enjoyed my experience in high school at LOHS but I would like to see changes in the way the middle and elementary schools are run. As a first grader I was told that I wasn't smart because I didn't read fast enough. I would love to see the school district prevent this from happening to other students. My experience in high school was amazing. I was able to be apart of anything I wanted and was encouraged to do so. I was able to make good connections with the teachers that I will always remember. My favorite department was the english department because the teachers were all so amazing.
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Lake Oswego High school is an amazing school. I learned so much there, from test taking skills, how to write papers, to even being your own advocate. Lake Oswego high completely prepared me for college to the point where the work load between high school and college are about the same. The teachers are amazing and actually care about you and want you to be successful and learn as much as you can. It's a smaller school (around 1,200 kids) which makes learning and getting personal help a lot easier than it would be at a larger school. Extracurricular activities are one of the best around town. So much spirit and strong athlets. This school is a great example of the so called perfect high school. The criculum is challenging, but trust me, if you want your kids to learn and really grow as a student... send them to lake Oswego high school. You will not regret the outcome.
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