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Lake Orion Community Schools Reviews

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The teacher cadet program was amazing and it allowed for students to connect with other schools in the community.
I had some really good teachers and they were always willing to help. Lake Orion is a really big school. The community there is awesome! There is a ton of great organizations Lake Orion High School supports and I am so happy I was apart of it.
Honestly, alright, they offer a variety of programs including Honors, A.P, and college programs. Sometimes there are troubles with certain teachers and their behavior towards students. The building is big and allows for a variety of classes, interests, and students. There are multiple clubs as well.
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my experience at lake Orion High School was a rollercoaster,I came to lake Orion my freshman year not knowing anyone. I felt welcomed from freshmen start,taking me in and making me feel like I belong. From the administrative to the teachers,they all do what they feel is best for you and what will best prepare you for your future. Lake Orion believes college isn't for everyone so if you more into trade school they've have courses called auto tech you can take to help you out with that. Just to go and show how lake Orion is there for your best interest.
I attended lake Orion schools my whole life. I think I got a great education that is preparing me for my future. Tons of helpful teachers.
Lake Orion has lots of club and sport options. However, I feel as if there aren’t many classes that interest me.
Lake Orion High School gave me a pretty good education. However, the academics were not nearly challenging enough. I graduated at the top of my class with a 4.3 GPA without putting in much effort. This did not prepare me well for college, as I had no study skills going into my first year. Additionally, students are not counseled well. I did not know I should be taking AP classes until my junior year.
It’s a school that offers many options and opportunities, so you can really choose a path right for you.
I like the numerous options of clubs, sports, and activities that are offered to the students. I would like for there to be a more diverse pool of students. In most of my classes, I am the only African American student.
Lake Orion is alright. I don't really hate it or anything, it's just alright. I go to the alternative HS, and it's better than the normal HS. The people are a lot nicer here.
In most aspects, I felt very prepared for college. Most of the faculty is hit or miss, some are absolutely amazing while others fall short, but this is learned quickly within the first year of high school. I was disappointed in the language department. While I took two semesters of both French and German, I still did not feel adequately prepared to continue my language study. The school is relatively safe, extra circulars are diverse--many to choose from.
Lake Orion has many hard working, dedicated teachers. There are fantastic extracurriculars and overall is a great school.
Was a positive experience for the 4 years I was there. Sometimes the administration has its faults but overall a good experience
Lake Orion has such a strong community. Parents, teachers, and students are all extremely involved in EVERYTHING. Nothing made me happier during my time at LOHS than the overall love for sports. Lake Orion was one gigantic, loving family!
Lake Orion is a very inviting community with many close connections. The schools have great clubs and extracurriculars and an amazing sports program.
Lake Orion is a great school. The teachers are great at teaching in more than one way that way if a student didn’t get it the first time they will the second time. The counselors are always there for every student and are extreamly helpful. I would like to see the school provide better food and or lower the prices.
Having 5 children 2 brothers plus myself as orion students, i love L.O. schools they reach out go above and give support
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I love the communication level to the parents, and that they always have my children's safety as a top priority. The only thing I would change was doing some fixes to the schools (roofs, etc) and they are actually working on that right now with the sinking fund money that was given to them through our taxes. We moved to make sure our children went to this district.
Overall Academics are pretty good, but they do lack programs, such as in the musical department that many other schools offer. I think that although it is a big school, they are getting more and more crowded, with limited space options for classes. There is not much variety, both academically and culturally.
This school district is overall ok. There is an overcrowding issue in the high school and a favoritism towards sports but both of those things aren't that unusual. Wish the school funding was used towards something other than football uniforms and new carpeting.
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