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Lake Mills Community School District Reviews

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I love the friendly environment Lake Mills has to offer. The teachers all work very hard to keep our school running and our principle is doing his very best to keep everything organized and preparing us for the school year. Examples like helping the juniors set up for prom and giving prizes for the PBIS program we are in for being a good student for which we strive here for. The only negatives I can respond about is School bullying. Every school has bullying it’s enevitible. As a victim of a bully myself I believe we can inforce the protection. The school lunch program is he big one. We changed to the Healthy Kids Act and it is not very well liked among the students and faculty. Lake Mills students want to go back to the old lunch program. That would defiantly be something I’d like to see changed.
I enjoyed being a part of the Lake Mills Community School District. This school really cares for their students and staff. The staff cared for their students and took the time to spend to help in any areas that the student was struggling with. Staff at the school provided many options for students that were struggling so that they can be successful and feel proud of their accomplishments. I felt welcomed at Lake Mills Community School and it created a strong sense of community because all the grades were in one building. I think that this influenced the upperclassmen to be role models for the younger students because the students interacted with each other everyday. I have a great sense of pride knowing that I graduated from this school and I think that I am a better person because of the high standards that this school sets their students at. I believe that because I attended this high school, it has allowed me to flourish in my college education.
I liked that it is a close community. We all grew up together and that makes it easy to find a friend in everyone.
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I am still a senior in the district, however, I've grown up in the school district and I've watched it grow and change. It's an amazing school, the teachers are great and I feel that I will graduate at my full potential and very prepared to enter into the world.
The Lake Mills Community School District has prepared me for life outside of high school in multiple different aspects. It has taught me that nothing in life comes easy and if you want to do well in something you need to work hard for it. It has also taught me how to work with others. Group projects are what have helped me learn how to work with others and what my role is when doing them. It has taught me to be a leader. Some things that I would like to see improve is the lunches, they are not always the best.
Lake Mills was a great school! The community gets very involved within the activities that go on in the school. I was definitely ready for college and I made some of my lifelong friends and my I met my current boyfriend at this school!! I was very involved which made me enjoy my time there as well.
Lake Mills is a very welcoming school district. There is no one in this school that you will be afraid to go talk to. If you have a problem, there is always someone to go talk to. That could be the guidance councilor, the principle, or even a teacher.
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