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Lake Mills Area School District Reviews

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Lake Mills Area School District is an amazing school district that focus not only on academics but also the culture of out school, being a community, and sports as well! Highly Recommend!
Lake Mills is a small school district that definitely caters to the concerns and requests of its students and parents. There are opportunities for personalized and advanced learning, which allows the kids who attend to be able to fully utilize their skills. Lake Mills also tries to make each student's experience in their school system as enjoyable as possible with dozens of choices for classes in the middle and high schools. Staff will even meet with families to discuss alternative education options if the schools cannot immediately meet a student's needs. The district is also home to several teachers who have earned excellence awards, and the district has even earned several itself. The middle school and elementary school are LEAD certified. The district also received an outstanding music program award and an award for the advanced classes it offers.
Because of the location of the school, there is a lack of diversity and so people tend to reject those who come to the school and who aren't 5'10 and under with white complexion. There is an issue with bullying, and the staff members don't take those threats seriously. There is a lack of attention from most, if not all of the staff when it comes to potentially dangerous kids and with all the mass shootings, I feel as though the staff should take mental health of the students more serious as well as reports from other students. On top of the social issues, the High School is practically falling apart because it is so old and they don't want to start cleaning up the building. I personally think the building is unconventional and unsafe, the basement hardly has windows and the ceilings are low enough that practically anyone can reach up and touch them, not that anyone would want to with the years of decay and water damage. Overall my experience wasn't too great with the district.
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The staff are intelligent, friendly, and provide a wonderful learning environment. I feel safe within the school district, and I know that it is in good hands. My school experience has only been positive.
The people in my grade were more concerned with status than learning, but overall I met a lot of amazing people and had a great time there. My childhood was full of fun adventures during recess and great learning experiences. Lake Mills has some amazing teachers that make up for the one or two bad ones every school has.
Lake Mills Area School District as a whole is not the greatest district. The parents of children are involved and they have a lots of clubs, activities, and sports for everyone to participate in. The academics are good, however I did not feel prepared for college after going through the high school, LMHS. The school district is not diverse. The majority of people are white. There are not a lot of minorities that go to the school and as a person of color I did not feel safe, and I did feel like the school culture accepted me.
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