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Lake Local School District (Uniontown) Reviews

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My child goes to Lake and there’s a few teachers who bully the kids. If a child puts their trash in the trash at lunch they’re told to sit down. If a child leaves their lunch trash on the table they’re told to put it in the trash in a stern voice, then yelled at for going to the trash. The lunch room is being supervised by a woman who doesn’t like her job, has admitted she doesn’t like her job. The teacher tells my daughter to write a note saying she’s sorry for what happens in the lunch room. She also says ALL the teachers know what you did. If this was a teachers child or a teachers pet they wouldn’t treat them this way!! Im tired of this treatment by the teachers and lunch supervisors. My child comes home crying frequently for being targeted !!! Do they do mental health accessments on their employees? This needs to STOP!!!
lake has a lot of extracurricular activities and they are great about making sure everyone knows they are available
Lake local school district is a fantastic community. It is filled with amazing teachers and administrators that truly care about student success! The buildings are all brand new and look fantastic.
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There were pros and cons of attending Lake High School. The overall environment was the best part about my experience. It felt like it's own little community, and I had the chance to meet so many amazing people. One of the cons would definitely have to be the favoritism that floods the halls. There would be the same kids winning the same things every year. The administration definitely chose favorites as well. Overall, it was a school I wasn't ashamed to say I graduated from.
An AMAZING SCHOOL! Superb in academics, athletics and arts! All of the teachers are phenomenal. The administration is fantastic and care a ton about every student.
Overall quality district. Music programs are outstanding, especially band. I would suggest starting foreign languages at younger grades.
I liked the small, intimate feeling of it. However, I felt like I was not as cared for individually; I felt like I was only considered as a part of the general student body.
Going to Lake High School has been a good experience for the most part. The teachers are amazing, and help to guide each student accordingly. I feel thoroughly prepared for college. One thing I hope Lake improves on though, is their behaviors towards minority groups, such as people of other races, people from the LGBT+ community and those who do not follow their own beliefs/religion. Tolerance is key to making the school a safe learning environment for teens, which is why I hope to see this change in the coming years.
I lived in this area for about 6 years and I didn't really care for it. I was a minority in this area and found way to many cliques I didn't really fit in with. So I didn't really feel to great in this school district.
My past 4 years at lake have been alright. It's a small school in a tight community, so you'll be connected to a lot of the staff and administration if you're involved. The thing about LHS is the obnoxious amount of school spirit and positivity crammed down the students' throats at all times. It's a little like living in North Korea (i.e. a highly nationalistic, but totalitarian, society). Other than that Lake gets the job done. There are lots of connected opportunities with other high schools and universities for whatever path you choose to take in life. For Ohio, it's not so bad.
Lake Local Schools is an amazing school district to attend. The teachers are extremely passionate about their jobs and the courses are taught very well. The district is even taking a step further by providing a new and fully updated high school for future students. I love lake high school and all of the events that the school takes part in. There is an emphasis on education as well as athletics and art. There's a reason the school's motto is "What's Great At Lake." Ask anyone in the community; they will likely tell you their great experience with the school and those in the community. The tests score of students are very high and conflict is very low.
The academics were challenging and allowed me to get a head start on my college education. Most of the teachers show a genuine care for their students and a willingness to help. There are a lot of clubs and sports to be involved in. The school is lacking in conflict resolution, offering some support for students but rarely intervening in cases of bullying or harassment.
I grew up in the small town of Hartville. The place where everyone knows each other and only has one main attraction. Hartville is home to the one and only district, Lake Local Schools. Lake schools has let me experience the best education I could've gotten. The teachers are amazing and very helpful for the students. The school is very clean, also they are building new building so it will be even better in the next couple of years.When I am older I will definitely place my kids in Lake schools!
My school was small and very helpful. We were talented in academics as well as athletics. I received a lot of help when it came to academics, by the time senior year came around I felt prepared to move on to college. My teachers helped me the best that they could. The school felt like family and I will never forget the experiences I had. From athletic events to getting good grades on assignments I was fearing to do well on.
I think that Lake is a great public school that focuses on the students and prepares them for their future. My teachers always look out for their students and take care to make sure that they are getting the help they need in order to get better grades. I do wish we could see more diversity at Lake though, but that is the one thing I want to see change the most.
I have been attending Lake Local Schools for my entire educational career. Throughout my 13 years there, I have loved everything about it. Every teacher there wants to see their students succeed, and help them in the best way possible. They genuinely care about each student's well-being. Also, the students that attend Lake are very caring. Day to day, you will see students helping other students, whether it be in the hallways, with their homework, or just simply saying "good morning" or "have a good day." The environment at the Lake Local School district is one that is rare.
I have attended Lake Local Schools since I was in the first grade. Overall, I have had a wonderful experience throughout the years, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a Lake Blue Streak. The education system, the teacher, and the community have made my experience at Lake a great one. I know Lake Local Schools have prepared me for college.
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I like the transition to a more modern learning style. Every student now has their own laptop, which is very helpful. Each of the students classes are organized on the program "Canvas". The only thing that bothers me is how all helpful information is put online, but not in a timely manner. I miss hearing things on announcements. But, I am glad to finally see my school taking a step into modern technology.
The teachers at lake really do care about the development and preparedness of their student which is something I love. I feel very safe at lake and am very fortunate to be a part of their big technology movement which has inspired me to move into the field of computer science
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