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Lake Local School District (Millbury) Reviews

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Small school everyone knows everyone and your not just a number. The teachers get to know all their students. Our school tries to stay involved in their students lives to promote a healthy atmosphere. This year we have project change which I am involved in to help promote change in others. To help fight bulling, to help others meet new friends, to help try and prevent suicide with teens. Project change helping others see themselves better and to believe they are important. Lake High School, is a great school.
Overall Lake is a good school to attend and I wouldn’t mind sending my own children there one day. However, lake lacks variety when it comes to classes to choose from. The class selection is very basic and I wish I would’ve had the opportunity to take more than just your basic math and English. The faculty is great but could use a couple extra members so the work doesn’t fall onto one person.
I really liked how to teachers are always willing to help and stay after or get to class early to help students out. They are not very strict but not very laid back either. I really like the facilities and the new sports equipment. The administration is always looking to improve the school for the safety of the kids.
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I liked how the teachers at the school really cared about the students and got involved in our lives. Some even gave advice and helped with personal issues. I also enjoyed the clubs lake had to offer.
The teachers were extremely helpful in trying to prepare me for the future. What I would like to see change is to have more of a focus on what college is actually like (i.e., coursework that feels like collegework and is slightly more challenging to the students in order to prepare them for college).
My school is fairly nice. The building is new and beautiful, we have air conditioning and heat, and we even have an elevator. The teachers are nice and funny and make school more enjoyable. We have fun activities like senior skip day and senior prank, so that’s super fun. Although the lunch food isn’t the best, we can get frozen yogurt that tastes amazing. Plus, we have a vending machine that has really good drinks. The counselor is nice and helpful and knows everyone by name. Our principal and kind and understand. The secretary is really nice, too. We have a cop that hangs out at the school, so that helps us feel safe. I do wish there was more diversity and clubs, though. I am one of the few people of color at the school, and while some schools have home economics, our school doesn’t have it along with many other classes would be helpful in everyday life. Overall, although it has a few faults, my school is pretty nice.
Over all, I give Lake Local School District an excellent rating. Our experience with Lake has been all positive. They demonstrate a willingness to work with you to meet all your educational goals. The teachers, counselors, and administrators all work together to make available the opportunities you need to succeed in college and in life. If you want to excel in any area, even beyond what they offer, they will do whatever is needed to help you on your path.
Lake is a small rural school district just outside Toledo, OH. With its smaller class size you can get to know all of your classmates and have many opportunities to become involved in athletic and social clubs.
My experience was pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. It could have been worse, but it also could have been better.
I have really enjoyed my time at Lake High school. The teachers are very helpful and the coaches are great. If I could change anything it would be the food selection.
Although I have only been attending Lake Schools since I began high school, I have found it to be an amazing school. The staff works hard to keep the student body involved in clubs, activities, and different electives. They display tremendous support to all students, no matter the situation, and always work in the best interest of them. The only issue I have ever experienced with the school is the lack of variety in classes/electives. I would love to see an opening of new electives that appeal to students with different interests.
Lake high school is a cooperative school. They have a well rounded group of teachers that put so much effort into their work, and are always willing to help. Rarely has there ever been a teacher that I didn't like or work well with because of their teaching style or personality. They offer a variety of classes that we'll help give you a start on whatever you are going to learn for your college degree, such as physiology, psychology, computer design, advanced art, and more. Although there is little diversity at Lake, but everyone gets along quiet nicely. Lake is much than just a high school, it is a family. Everyone supports each other in everything they do whether it would be football, basketball, soccer, quiz bowl, art shows, etc. Lake is a family, I've never seen so many people involved in a school before. It is something you really want to be apart of.
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