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Lake-Lehman School District Reviews

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The school district gives a very good education, but their followup on disciplinary issues is sub-par. I do admire their dedication to a safe school environment, with their lockdown drills being often.
Too much emphasis is put on football specifically but otherwise, the school is very friendly, welcoming, and active.
Lake Lehman School District is in a remote area, yet close to some restaurants and stores. They are very well know for their sports and academics success. The faculty is helpful and are very good with teaching their students. The school is not very large, but clean and is best known for its "black" turf. I loved and will miss Lake Lehman.
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The selection of classes I had taken. I was involved in sports and the program was very successful.Many of the teachers were very caring and willing to assist the students.
Lake-Lehman is an amazing school where the faculty genuinely cares about the students. Although the communication is poor and the guidance is slightly unorganized, the classes are filled with information and the teachers are always willing to help. Lehman is the only school in the area, that I know of, in which all the students do not claim to hate the school.
Education-wise, it was a very good school to go to in the area. I also had a fun time at the events that were put on and, although it was a small school district, it was a good experience nonetheless.
Lake-Lehman school district is a hit or miss. Students either love Lake-Lehman and would never think about getting educated somewhere else. Others dislike the district and would rather go somewhere else. Something the student body can agree on is that the administration is awful.
Lake Lehman High School is a nice school with some decent teachers. Some teachers really care about you and your future, and some teachers don't even bother to learn your name. Overall, it is a good school but does not prepare the students well enough for college and future endeavors.
I like attending Lake-Lehman. It is a overall good experience. The food is not very good. Some of it is good but other is horrible. Some of the facilities can use some repair.
It is a good school acedemically. I feel I was prepared for college classes. The teachers challenged me to be my best. The guidance counselors were terrible for me. I once was having a panic attack and I couldn't calm down. My guidance counselor basically told me to 'get over it'. I asked the same guidance councilor to write a letter of recommendation. I didn't get it back until the last week of school when I was already accepted into a college for the fall. The atmosphere of the student body was friendly enough, but the bullying in the school was a problem. The school administrators are more focused and sports activities and therefore give more funding towards them. The arts programs, are under funded. In fact, it wasn't until after I graduated that the theater program even had any funding. When I was there, there was no budget. We had to raise all the money. So, Lake-Lehman is a wonderful school where academics is concerned. Everything else, not so much.
Fantastic faculty and staff, really care about everyone as long as you put effort in. Always willing to help you with anything and want you to succeed in every way possible. Very supportive.
I liked lake lehman because i met a lot of good friends at the school and i am still really good friends with them. The sports are just alright, they don't really have excellent coaches. if they found better coaches we would be better at our sports and the students would learn more. if we had more coaches in my opinion i think more people would play. The teachers are a big help when i didn't understand something, and helped me whenever i needed help.
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