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I loved my teachers throughout the school. They really put in effort and understanding toward every piece of work I did. They really pushed me and encouraged me to do succeed and do well. That is one reason I got accepted into NHS. I also participated in the schools softball team and the coaches and teammates were outstanding and super friendly. I feel like I built an amazing relationship with everyone I encountered at my school.
My experience with LHUSD was average due to the fact I was forced to take classes that were of no interest to me and are no longer included in the required curriculum. The course structure was also inadequate to obtain student interests. It is much harder to stay focused when interested in the subject is limited and the instructor offers no assistance to peak ones interest.
Lake Havasu High School was the most interesting experiences of my life. Our school isn't big, but it isn't small either. We have some great teachers and some bad ones. Luckily i was able to get to know some teachers that I would say are some of the best friends I've made. The school culture is alright, but no one is over the top with it. I've learned all that my teachers had to offer and the programs we have here aren't bad. I would love to see an improvement on the campus and overall attitude people have when they come to school.
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One thing i enjoyed about attending LHHS was that it was a small school. I was able to create strong relationships with friends and faculty. overall my experience was not horrible but there are a few things i would have changed.
Lake Havasu Unified School District is a very nice school for the area of Lake Havasu. Compared to other schools around the U.S., we lack teacher education, many resources, and have barely enough money to keep our school alive. These truths are the main reason why the attitudes of our students, teachers, and administration are not always the greatest. For the dedicated teachers, students and administration who stay postive, thank you because you are the reason our school is so wonderful. We do the best with what we are given and that only makes us average compared to other schools. The amount of effort we put into keeping our school alive will always be what makes us unique and excellent as a School District.
I love the experiences I've made with my friends throughout my years at Lake Havasu High School. I've made unforgettable memories that I will carry into adulthood. I really like that I've developed close relationships with my teachers. I also like that the school is safe and has a resourceful career center. If I could change anything, it would have to be the food choices at the cafeteria and a better developed college preparedness facility (information about what it is like to be in college, how to prepare for it, etc.).
As a student in Lake Havasu I would say it was hard at times to see that my schools were always lacking finances that went into books,teacher salaries,etc. However most of the teachers I have had in my public education have always been helpful and great at teaching their courses. We also just recently passed an override and bond for school finances and teacher salaries so I'm hoping to see great changes that come with that including better resources and facilities to provide to students.
LHUSD offers an exceptionally safe and friendly environment and it does very well making newcomers feel welcome.
This school district was good to me as a student. The main thing that bothered me was the school dress code. I don't mind having to wear the standardized school shirt. However, this city gets very hot and shorts have to be fingertip length, which can be long for some people, and quite difficult to find. Also, in the winter, we have to have a school jacket, and those cost a lot and are not long lasting. My education here was good overall.
The district is very limited. Not only does it limit the students and what they are allowed to wear, but they also limit the classes that are available. The district cannot supply enough money to the schools which causes high fees and teachers to quit. The education given is not terrible but could be better.
Our school district has always been one big family and always came together. But I do have to say that they have really messed up, with the senior class of 2017. We're missing out on pep assemblies, shorter school days (every senior works so hard to have enough credits to do that) and we have less early release days. This is our last year of Highschool and it's honestly been the worst year, it's sad that the seniors have to suffer because someone in the district couldn't figure out how to count the hours for students attending the school.
We do get provided with what we needed but there could be more offered here that would further our educations.
Lake Havasu Unified School district is well organized and full of opportunities. I do wish that our sports fees were cheaper. I love that we do a lot of things with our community.
The one thing I love most about this school district is it's teachers and staff. They really care about the students and are there to better educate them and help them succeed. They go out of their way to teach in a way students learn best and use their own resources. They continue to teach even though their pay may be short because it's what they love to do. I would like to see a change in the way the money is used in this district. The sports fee are outrageous and I don't understand how the school doesn't have enough money to cut the fees down.
I enjoyed the classes I took and there are great options. I did not like that the teachers are not as motivated as they should be.
I liked that my high school was small so you knew everyone. I didn't like the unfairness that was involved there. The teachers were nice and caring. Our school had strict rules about odd things.
School in Lake Havasu was fun and tight-knit, as most children grew up together in this community. Unfortunately, the school district is drastically underfunded. I would like to see the schools receive more money for upgrades on infrastructure and academia.
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