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Lake Hamilton is a good school, excellent facilities, and extremely safe..I would like to have more diversity and more college classes..
I have had the best high school experience possible at Lake Hamilton High. The teachers that I have been in class with are all amazing and help students to the best of their abilities. The administration truly keeps the interest of the families and students in the community in mind when making decisions. It is a safe environment with a feeling of school spirit in the air. The people are so closely bonded you see a familiar face around every corner. I can't imagine having attended school anywhere else and I cant imagine any other school presenting me with a better experience.
This district, like many others from the south, tends to focus more on sports than education. The administration needs to learn how to properly allocate the money that they have, and reevaluate what a school's priorities should be. This district also tends to forget about the arts, but it's gotten a little better since sophomore year. The Theatre/Fine Arts department gets next to nothing, while Choir gets zero funding. AP World students don't have textbooks, but the district does have a multi-million dollar arena and sports teams that get new uniforms every other year. Also, no one in the high school math department uses the Common Core workbooks the school provides, which is, what must be, thousands of dollars down the drain every year.
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Lake Hamilton is a great school academically. The teachers are uplifting and encouraging. They want us to try our best and succeed. At Lake Hamilton school spirit is a necessity. We try encourage and uplift each other as much as we can.
This school is a pack of wolves. Everyone is always there to support and guide you to your goals. But the teachers and everyone all try their hardest to be involved in their students lives. The students need to come together and get school spirit back, and not be so cliche.
The schools are very nice but the way they do things is wack. They’re always so extra but good school.
I loved Lake Hamilton, it was quite an experience, I made some great friends and had some amazing teachers, some even which helped me apply for scholarships and look for work! Overall, my tenure at Lake Hamilton School District was fantastic.
Good school, however they should get more foreign language classes... Spend less money on sports facilities and buy new textbooks or hire new teachers and make new class options.
Lake Hamilton gives students many opportunities to join many clubs and activities. It also has a diverse selection of sports and classes to choose from. I wish there were more AP classes available to take and more diversity
Lake Hamilton is a very good school. It has a wonderful band program and good academics. Its band program has been nicknamed the "Power Band Of Arkansas", it has never received a 2nd division when its first concert band goes to its concert assessment. And several of the teachers have received awards for their teaching skills.
I am a senior at Lake Hamilton School. The teacher's are amazing at preparing us for our fast approaching futures.
I enjoyed the atmosphere within the school district because I always felt welcome and at home. The school was also really connected in the community which brought students, parents, and faculty together.
The teachers I had for the most part were very helpful and listened and were there if I needed help or tutoring.
Lake Hamilton is your run of the mill school district. You are given the knowledge that you will need in order to succeed in the Arkansas college system, but preparation for bigger and better thing is not on the agenda. If you wish to attend a school for high learning I don't suggest Lake Hamilton. That being said, not all students wish to be pushed to their academic limits, and Lake Hamilton is a very socially driven school with a multitude of after-school programs, sports, and other clubs to keep students motivated and engaged at school. If you are the type of student that enjoys the "non-academic" Lake Hamilton would be a great fit for you.
I loved Lake Hamilton! It was like home to me! All of the teachers became a family and supported me throughout my high school career.
Lake Hamilton School District was home to me for 10 years! The faculty and academics are superb. I always felt very welcomed and very close to all of the administration. Without Lake Hamilton I would not be the person I am today! The academics are the best in the area, each teacher is determined to teach each student with commitment and passion!
Lake Hamilton has a great enivornment for learning. I want to see a change in academics. I want all of my classes to be put at the same level of expectance. This will get not only myself, but others ready for college. I want all of the teachers to have at least an associates degree(if not already) and aiming for a bachelors. Other than that, all is well.
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I liked the challenge of some of the courses, but I wish that every teacher put in their effort for their student’s success and into the class they teach. Many teachers are lazy and have a “blow off class.” Those shouldn’t exist.
Lake Hamilton tries to act like they are a great academic and and sports school but in reality most teachers do not prepare you for the rigorous courses in college. Some teachers do not even teach, and the girls sports programs are trash because the admin does not care. They are only concerned with football. Also, they treat their employees very poorly.
You really won't find the type of atmosphere that is found at Lake any other school in Arkansas. It just has a feeling of "home"....can't say enough great things about this school! So proud to be an alum!
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