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Lake George Central School District Reviews

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As an alumnus of Lake George Public Schools, I can honestly say that Lake George Central Schools provided a private school education as a Public School. The class sizes were amazing and the oppurtunities were endless. I am very fortunate to have attended LGCS from K to 12.
I wish that I could have received a more worldly education while experiencing more diversity. Most of the teachers are nice.
Lake George is a great school in New York. The teachers are very caring and enjoy that they can help the students succeed .
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Our school is pretty good, the best thing is that we have laptops. We're a part of a very small town, so you get more opportunities here than you would at other schools. Our arts program is amazing, we have a lot of art classes and musical classes too. Our sports are average, they can be fun.
Even though Lake George is a small school, my senior class having only 80 students, the opportunities that we are presented with are amazing! The teachers are willing to take extra time to help you and the school is very friendly and welcoming. I love it here. The only thing I would change about my school is our diversity.
I am currently a senior at Lake George High School and my entire experience from Kindergarten through High School has been a great one. I love that Lake George has such a friendly environment. There is always someone that students can talk to and they never feel alone. I have never had any trouble with any of the faculty and staff. Not to mention, every student is given ample opportunity to be active in school clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities that you don't normally see at such a small school.
Our school is small. There are less than 100 students in my class. So everybody knows everybody. The best part is that if you are interested in a certain subject they will help you get extra experience in that area. You can do independent study or internships.
Lake George School has excellent academics, however they sometimes lack excellence in the area of students who have special needs and require certain accommodations. Overall, the education is excellent, and is like a private school education, however the students can be very cliquey.
The academic level of the students are very high. Although the teachers are very understanding to those who are not. It is very cliquey not only amongst the students but staff as well. There are somethings that could be improved but overall you go to school to learn and they do a pretty good job at teaching their students.
Lake George was a very small high school. While the curriculum tailored to every student's needs, there was no diversity: everyone was rich and white. My administrators made my life a living hell in eleventh grade. The nurse and VP made fun of me to my face. If you don't fit the mold, don't bother. Very safe, everybody smoked weed.
The teachers are all great and really care about the students. There are plenty of clubs, sports, and activities to keep anyone busy and to pursue their interests. The class sizes are small and students get plenty of one on one education.
it's a small school with a lot to offer, has great athletics and classes. Here in Lake George security and drugs aren't a problem so we don't need strict security but we do feel safe. Bullying is non-existant in Lake George, almost everyone knows everyone and everyone is nice to one another. Staff is very friendly and helpful at all times.
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